Ganye is a town and Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria. Jada and Toungo Local Governments were carved out from Ganye local government area of Adamawa state Nigeria. Ganye is bordered by Jada Local Government Area to the North and East, Toungo Local Government Area to the South and Taraba State to the West. It is the headquarter of the Sama (Chamba) people worldwide

fulani and Chamba
LGA and town
Ganye is located in Nigeria
Coordinates: 8°26′N 12°4′E / 8.433°N 12.067°E / 8.433; 12.067Coordinates: 8°26′N 12°4′E / 8.433°N 12.067°E / 8.433; 12.067
Country Nigeria
StateAdamawa State
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)


Ganye Local Government Area is one of the major Local Government Areas of Adamawa State with Mubi and Numan. The major and ruling tribe of Ganye is the Sama (Chamba) Language with other tribes such as Fulani and Mummuye.

The RulerEdit

The Paramount ruler of Ganye is a First Class traditional ruler: Alh.Umaru Adamu Sanda OON (Gangwari Ganye II).

Major VillagesEdit

Major villages in Ganye include Sugu, Gurum and Jaggu.


The soil of Ganye is the loamy type which makes it the hub of agriculture and earned it the title of 'the food basket of the state'. The Local Government Area experience two seasons of Rains and dryness. Rainy season begins in Ganye as early as March and terminates in October. Ganye Local Government Area is drained by River Dadonu which takes it source from the Jangani mountains.