Fujiwara no Otomuro

Fujiwara no Otomuro (藤原乙牟漏; [ɸu͍ʑiwaɽa no otomuɽo], 760 – April 28, 790) was a Japanese noblewoman and Empress consort of Japan.[1] Her sister was Fujiwara no Moroane.

Fujiwara no Otomuro
Empress consort of Japan
Tenure783 – 790
DiedApril 28, 790(790-04-28) (aged 29–30)
SpouseEmperor Kanmu
FatherFujiwara no Yoshitsugu

Fujiwara no Otomuro was a daughter of a noble called Fujiwara no Yoshitsugu;[2] her mother was the granddaughter of general Fujiwara no Umakai, who died in 737.[3]

She married Emperor Kanmu.[4] Their children included:

She also had a daughter, Princess Koshi.

Her daughter-in-law was Lady Tachibana no Kachiko.[7]


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Japanese royalty
Preceded by
Princess Inoe
Empress consort of Japan
Succeeded by
Tachibana no Kachiko