Fujiwara no Taishi (died 794)

Fujiwara no Taishi (藤原 帯子, also read Fujiwara no Tarashiko; died 794) was a Japanese noblewoman of the Nara period. She was a consort of Prince Ate. She bore him no children, but more than a decade after her death she was granted the title of empress on her husband's becoming Emperor Heizei.


Fujiwara no Taishi's year of birth is unknown.[1] Her father was Fujiwara no Momokawa.[1] At some point she married Prince Ate (773–824),[1] but died suddenly of an illness in Enryaku 13 (794).[1] She was posthumously granted the title of empress (kōgō) upon the accession of her husband to the throne in Daidō 1 (806).[1] It is thought that the reason she was granted this title over, for example, Ise no Tsugiko [ja][1] (mother of Prince Takaoka [ja], etc.[1]) or Fujii no Tōshi [ja][1] (mother of Prince Abo[1]), despite having already died without issue,[1] was due to the influence of her elder brother, Minister of the Left Otsugu.[1]



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