Fujiwara no Junshi

Fujiwara no Junshi (藤原 遵子, 957 – June 27, 1017) was an Empress consort of Japan. She was the consort of Emperor En'yū of Japan.

Fujiwara no Junshi
Empress consort of Japan
TenureApril 7, 982 – September 24, 984
DiedJune 27, 1017(1017-06-27) (aged 59–60)
SpouseEmperor En'yū
FatherFujiwara no Yoritada

She was the daughter of regent Fujiwara no Yoritada. She was placed in the harem of the Emperor to benefit her father in his rivalry with his cousin Fujiwara no Kaneie, who also placed his daughter Fujiwara no Senshi for the same reason, that she would give birth to a Crown Prince and became Empress: Fujiwara no Junshi did become Empress, but it was Fujiwara no Senshi who gave birth to a Crown Prince, while Junshi had no children.[1]

She ordained as a Buddhist nun in 997.[2]


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