Fujiwara no Koshi

Fujiwara no Koshi (藤原 媓子, 947 – June 29, 979) was an Empress consort of Japan. She was the consort of Emperor En'yū of Japan.

Fujiwara no Koshi
Empress consort of Japan
TenureAugust 1, 973 – June 29, 979
DiedJune 29, 979(979-06-29) (aged 31–32)
SpouseEmperor En'yū
FatherFujiwara no Kanemichi

She was the daughter of regent Fujiwara no Kanemichi. She was placed in the Imperial harem to benefit her father in his rivalry with his brother Fujiwara no Kaneie by giving birth to an heir.[1] She did not give birth to a Crown Prince and was replaced as an Empress by the daughter of her father's cousin and designated successor as regent, Fujiwara no Yoritada.[2]


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