Fuenmayor is a town located in the province of La Rioja, Spain. It is located ten kilometers from Logroño, the capital of La Rioja.

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Flag of Fuenmayor
Coat of arms of Fuenmayor
Fuenmayor is located in La Rioja, Spain
Location of Fuenmayor within La Rioja
Fuenmayor is located in Spain
Fuenmayor (Spain)
Coordinates: 42°28′00″N 2°33′36″W / 42.46667°N 2.56000°W / 42.46667; -2.56000Coordinates: 42°28′00″N 2°33′36″W / 42.46667°N 2.56000°W / 42.46667; -2.56000
Country Spain
 La Rioja
 • MayorAlberto Peso Hernáiz (PP)
 • Total34.29 km2 (13.24 sq mi)
433 m (1,421 ft)
 • Total3,108
Fires at the "Fiestas de Los Marchos" in December in Fuenmayor.

The town borders the Ebro river, the Basque-Aragonese freeway and railroad Logroño-Vitoria. Several industries and important warehouses have benefited from this strategic situation, which has also bolstered a constant increase of the population. There are 3,159 inhabitants.INE


List of mayors since the democratic elections of 1979
Term Mayor Political Party
1979–1983 César de Marcos PSOE
1983–1987 César de Marcos PSOE
1987–1991 César de Marcos PSOE
1991–1995 Enrique Merino PSOE
1995–1999 Enrique Merino PSOE
1999–2003 Valentín Alonso PSOE
2003–2007 Valentín Alonso PSOE
2007–2011 Mª Carmen Arana Álvarez PSOE
2011–2015 Mª Carmen Arana Álvarez PSOE
2015–2019 Eduardo Abascal Falces/Alberto Peso Hernáiz PSOE/PP
2019– n/d n/d

Places of interestEdit

Religious BuildingsEdit

Civil BuildingsEdit

  • Palace of Fernández Bazán, from the 17th century.[1]
  • Palace of the marquises of Terán, former headquarters of the Real Junta de Cosecheros.[2]
  • Renaissance palace in the Mayor Alta 20 street.[3]
  • Palace of Urban del Campo[4]
  • House Navajas.[5]
  • El Portalón, Renaissance palace of the beginning of the 18th century.[6]
  • Cinema Gran Coliseo, building from the thirties, first spanish cinema with hanging amphitheater and without columns in the stalls.


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