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Frank Wolf (adventurer)

Frank Wolf (born 1970) is a Canadian adventurer,[1] writer,[2]filmmaker,[3] and environmentalist.[4] He is known for books, feature magazine articles, online columns, and films that document wilderness expeditions around the world, with a focus on the Canadian North.[5] His expeditions include being the first to canoe across Canada in one season and cycling 2,000 km in winter on the Yukon River from Dawson to Nome. In 2012 he was named one of Canada's Top Ten Adventurers by Explore Magazine,[6] and in 2015 he was named One of Canada's Top 100 Explorers by Canadian Geographic Magazine.[7] His first book of adventures Lines on a Map, was released in October 2018 by RMB. [8][9][10] His films include Wild Ones,[11] The Hand of Franklin, Kitturiaq, On the Line, Mammalian, and Borealis, all of which broadcast on CBC's Documentary Channel in Canada.[12]

Frank Wolf
Frank Wolf.jpg
Frank Wolf during 'Maze of the North' expedition



FRANK WOLF North American expeditions map
  • (2018) Across the Barrens : 35-day, 1750 km canoe expedition from Yellowknife to the Arctic Ocean via Great Slave Lake, Pike's Portage, and the Back River with Ryan Bougie [13] [14]
  • (2018) Baffin Ski Traverse : 14-day, 230 km ski expedition across Baffin Island via the Penny Ice Cap, with Dave Garrow and John McClelland [15][16]
  • (2017) Maze of the North Expedition : 30-day, 1350 km canoe expedition from Pekans River bridge on Quebec Route 389 to Umiujaq, Quebec with Peirson Ross Mclean [17]
  • (2017) Angilaaq Mountain Expedition : 12-day, 160 km ski expedition on Bylot Island to summit Angilaaq Mountain, its highest peak, as well as 4 other sub-peaks, with Dave Garrow [18][19]
  • (2016) Maskwa Nanook Expedition : 44-day, 1800 km canoe journey from La Ronge, Saskatchewan to Baker Lake, Nunavut, with Shawn Campbell [20]
  • (2015) Spatsizi/Stikine Expedition : 9-day, 280 km pack rafting/hiking route through the Spatsizi/Stikine Wilderness with Shawn Campbell [21]
  • (2015) Wild Ones Music Tour: 24-day, 750 km concert tour by canoe from Parry Sound to Ottawa- with musician Peirson Ross;[22][23][24]
  • (2015) Mammal Ski Survey : 7-day, 110 km ski traverse with biologist tracking and logging large mammals in Banff National Park- with Dave Garrow and Ross Glenfield[25]
  • (2014) Sweetwater Soul : 26-day, 1350 km journey by canoe from Pine Dock,MB to Fort Severn,ON- with Rob Hart;[26]
  • (2013) Mainstream Last First : 55-day, 1870 km journey by rowboat through Northwest Passage from Inuvik to Cambridge Bay, with Kevin Vallely, Paul Gleeson, Denis Barnett;[27]
  • (2012) Kitturiaq : 21-day, 620 km first-ever journey by canoe over the Labrador Plateau from Nain, NL to Kangiqsualujjuaq,QC, with Todd McGowan;[28]
  • (2011) Boreal Heart : 25-day, 1120 km journey by canoe through Ontario's Little North from Pakashkan Lake to Peawanuck,ON, with Todd McGowan;[29]
  • (2010) On the Line : 53-day, 2400 km by bike, foot, pack raft, and kayak investigating the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project, with Todd McGowan;[30]
  • (2009) Mammalian : 46-day, 2004 km journey by canoe through North America's largest wilderness from Yellowknife to Rankin Inlet, with Taku Hokoyama;[31]
  • (2008) Bay or Bust : 25-day, 1050 km journey by canoe from Opeongo Lake to Moosonee, ON, with Alex Raymont;[32]
  • (2007) Borealis : 75-day, 3100 km journey by canoe from Winnipeg to Parry Sound looking into the issues affecting the world's largest carbon bank- the Boreal Forest of Ontario and Manitoba with Taku Hokoyama;[33]
  • (2006) Sandakan Death March : Retracing of tragic WWII Sandakan Death March with Australian Military personnel, and Kevin Vallely;[34]
  • (2005) Shining Islands : 43-day, 900 km kayak circumnavigation of the Haida Gwaii archipelago, with Keith Klapstein and Todd Macfie;[35]
  • (2004) Across Asgaard : 26-day, 800 km journey by canoe across Scandinavia from Bogden, Norway to Oulu, Finland, with Todd Macfie;[36]
  • (2004) Taming the Motoco : 17-day journey by foot to the source of the Motoco River in Patagonia with a group of Argentinian explorers;[37]
  • (2003) Bikes on Ice : 49-day, 2000 km journey by bike in winter on the Yukon River from Dawson to Nome retracing the route of two gold miners from 1901, with Kevin Vallely and Andy Sterns;[38]
  • (2003) Nam Pha : 2nd descent of Nam Pha River in Laos in search of the Asian Water Tiger, with Mick O'Shea and Brian Eustis;[39]
  • (2002) Kong Lo cave/Mekong rapids : 10-day exploration of Kong Lo cave and Mekong Rapids in Southern Laos, with Mick O'Shea;
  • (2001) Chasing the Dragon : 20-day, 1000 km Cycling/running journey across Java to climb seven 10,000 ft volcanoes en route, with Kevin Vallely;
  • (2001) Skagway to Dawson : 9-day, 800 km Hiking/Kayak journey via the Gold Rush trail from Skagway to Dawson along the Chilkoot Trail and Yukon River, with Kevin Vallely, Andy Sterns, David Norona;
  • (2000) Phuket, Paddles, and Pirates : three-month sea kayaking/whitewater kayaking journey through Thailand/Malaysia/Indonesia, with David Stibbe;[40]
  • (1998) Canadian Quest : 35-day, 1500 km journey by canoe from Prince Rupert to Carcajou, with Ben O'Hara;[41]
  • (1995) C2C : 171-day, 8000 km journey by canoe across Canada from Saint John, NB to Vancouver, BC, with Roman Rockliffe;[42]


Wolf is a regular feature writer, blogger, and photographer[43] for Explore (magazine) [44] and has written dozens of features for other publications including Mountain Life Magazine,[45] Coast Mountain Culture Magazine,[46] Westjet Magazine,[47] Canoeroots Magazine,[48] Reader's Digest,[49] Action Asia, Adventure Kayak Magazine,[50] Paddler Magazine, Wend Magazine, and the Vancouver Province. His first book Lines on a Map, published by Rocky Mountain Books, was released in October 2018. [51][52]


Public SpeakingEdit

Wolf has given talks about his adventures and environmental work at TED (conference)x,[69][70] FEAT,[71] and numerous other events.


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