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Fotokol is a town and commune in Logone-et-Chari Department, Far North Region, Cameroon. It is home to Fotokol High School.[1]

Commune and town
Country Cameroon
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

The town is about 300 metres (330 yards) across a small river from the Nigerian village of Gamboru, where Fotokol residents often go for supplies.[2][3] In 2014, the Gamboru Ngala attack by Boko Haram killed 300 people, endangering Fotokol residents as well.[4][5][6]

As of June 2014, "Soldiers and paramilitary officers have been deployed in ... [Fotokol] to provide security for residents and allow children to safely attend school."[4]

In September 2014, the United Nations announced that it was making efforts to move 5,000 refugees staying in Fotokol to safer locations, to avoid cross-border incursions by Nigerian insurgents. Over 8,000 refugees had already been moved to the Minawo refugee camp.[7]

On 29 and 30 January 2015, fighting between Chadian soldiers and Boko Haram was reported in Fotokol and surrounding areas.[8][9] In early February, Boko Haram launched a counterattack, in response to a Chadian assault, on Fotokol, killing 81 civilians, 13 Chadian and 6 Cameroonian soldiers.[10]

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