Football 7-a-side at the 2014 Asian Para Games

7-a-side football at the 2014 Asian Para Games were held in Namdong Asiad Rugby Field, Incheon from 19 – 23 October 2014. There was 1 gold medals in this sport.[1]

Football 7-a-side at the 2014 Asian Para Games
Tournament details
Host countrySouth Korea South Korea
Dates19 – 23 October 2014
Venue(s)1 (in 1 host city)
Final positions
Champions Iran
Runners-up Japan
Third place South Korea
Fourth place Singapore
Tournament statistics
Matches played8
Goals scored38 (4.75 per match)
Top scorer(s) Akbari Moslem (IRI) (6)
 Tiz Bor Hossein (IRI) (6)

Participating teams and officialsEdit


A total of four teams will qualify to compete in the football five a side competition. The host nation (South Korea) automatically qualifies a team. A team may consist of a maximum of 14 athletes.

Means of qualification Berths Qualified
Host nation 1   South Korea
Asian Region 3   Iran
Total 4


The individual teams contact following football gamblers on to:

  Iran   Japan   South Korea   Singapore

Khazaeipirsarabi Moslem
Rastegarimobin Hashem
Safari Hassan
Tiz Bor Hossein
Hassani Baghi Sadegh
Mehri Farzad
Sohrabibagherabadi Behnam
Gholamhosseinpour Boushehri Ehsan
Jamali Mehdi
Bakhshi Jasem
Atashafrouz Rasoul
Akbari Moslem
Safarikourabbasloo Babak
Coach: Allah Mani Amin

Kagayama Naoyoshi Henry
Kawabe Keisuke
Ozaki Hisato
Takahashi Hiroto
Taniguchi Taisei
Yamada Yuji
Soma Yuki
Kubo Kazuhiro
Toda Tetsuya
Yoshino Ryuta
Ura Tatsuhiro
Kuroda Shou
Osawa Shotaro
Yanagi Hideyuki
Coach: Sano Junichi

Son Hye-Seong
Doo Sung-Min
Kim Sang-Yul
Jung Phil-Lip
Choi Beom-Jun
Lee Hun-Ju
Oh Kyung-Seok
Heo Chi-Yoon
Jang Jun-Ho
Lee Dong-U
Park Jung-Deuk
Jeong Do-Hyun
Lee Seung-Hwan
Kim Hyung-Soo
Coach: Kim Il-Sub


The venues to be used for the World Championships were located in Incheon.[2]

Stadium: Incheon Namdong Asiad Rugby Field
Capacity: Unknown


The first round, or group stage, was a competition between the 4 teams in one group, where engaged in a round-robin tournament within itself. In both of the best placed, they play in the final for the tournament, the two last teams play for third place.

Athletes with a physical disability competed. The athlete's disability was caused by a non-progressive brain damage that affects motor control, such as cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury or stroke. Athletes must be ambulant.

Players were classified by level of disability.

  • C5: Athletes with difficulties when walking and running, but not in standing or when kicking the ball.
  • C6: Athletes with control and co-ordination problems of their upper limbs, especially when running.
  • C7: Athletes with hemiplegia.
  • C8: Athletes with minimal disability; must meet eligibility criteria and have an impairment that has impact on the sport of football.

Teams must field at least one class C5 or C6 player at all times. No more than two players of class C8 are permitted to play at the same time.

Group stageEdit

In the first group stage have seen the teams in a one group of four teams.

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualified for
1   Iran 3 2 0 1 13 3 +10 6 Team play for position 1
2   Japan 3 2 0 1 6 3 +3 6
3   Singapore 3 1 0 2 3 8 −5 3 Team play for the position 3
4   South Korea 3 1 0 2 4 12 −8 3
South Korea  4–0  Singapore
Lee Seung-Hwan   34'
Jang Jun-Ho   40'
Lee Dong-U   47'
Kim Hyung-Soo   53'
Referee: Haswell Ross (GBR)
Iran  3–0  Japan
Mehri Farzad   17'
Akbari Moslem   29'
Tiz Bor Hossein   49'
Referee: Lee Kang Ho (KOR)

Japan  2–0  South Korea
Yoshino Ryuta   38'
Yamada Yuji   51'
Referee: Huizinga Barry (NED)
Iran  0–3  Singapore
Report None
Referee: Park Kyun Yong (KOR)

South Korea  0–14  Iran
Report Akbari Moslem   6'18'28'
Tiz Bor Hossein   8'9'33'
Atashafrouz Rasoul   13'31'50'
Mehri Farzad   16'48'
Rastegarimobin Hashem   37'
Jamali Mehdi   55'59'
Referee: Haswell Ross (GBR)
Singapore  0–4  Japan
Report Yoshino Ryuta   6'53'
Toda Tetsuya   27'46'
Referee: Kim Ji Hye (KOR)


Bronze Medal MatchEdit

Singapore  0–3  South Korea
Report Lee Dong-U   10'
Lee Seung-Hwan   14'54'
Referee: Huizinga Barry (NED)

Gold Medal MatchEdit

Iran  5–0  Japan
Akbari Moslem   23'53'
Tiz Bor Hossein   31'56'
Rastegarimobin Hashem   35'
Referee: Oh Hyeon Jeong (KOR)



Rank Team
    South Korea
4.   Singapore


6 goals
  •   Akbari Moslem (IRI)
  •   Tiz Bor Hossein (IRI)
3 goals
  •   Mehri Farzad (IRI)
  •   Atashafrouz Rasoul (IRI)
  •   Lee Seung-Hwan (KOR)
  •   Yoshino Ryuta (JPN)
2 goals
  •   Jamali Mehdi (IRI)
  •   Rastegarimobin Hashem (IRI)
  •   Lee Dong-U (KOR)
  •   Toda Tetsuya (JPN)
1 goal
  •   Yamada Yuji (JPN)
  •   Jang Jun-Ho (KOR)
  •   Kim Hyung-Soo (KOR)

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