Flemming Delfs (born 1951) is a former Danish badminton player who won Danish national and international championships from the early 1970s to the early 1980s.

Flemming Delfs
Flemming Delfs.jpg
Personal information
Country Denmark
Born7 of September 1951
Men's singles
Career title(s)1977 World Champion
Highest ranking1 (1977)


Delfs is especially noteworthy for winning men's singles at the first IBF World Championships held in Malmö, Sweden in 1977.[1] He dominated that same 1976/1977 season by winning nearly all other noteworthy tournaments, including the All-England Championships.[2] Delfs won three consecutive European men's singles titles in 1976, 1978, and 1980.[3] He played on all four Danish Thomas Cup (men's international) teams between 1972 and 1982, two of which (1973, 1979) reached the championship round before losing to Indonesia.[4] Tall, with an elegant style and powerful backhand, Delfs was a highly impressive player at his best, but typically had difficulty in the hot, humid conditions he encountered in the Far East.[5]

Later lifeEdit

After ending his active career, Delfs became CEO and co-owner of Patrick Skandinavia A/S.

Major achievementsEdit

Rank Event Date Venue
World Championships
1 Men's single 1977 Malmö, SWE
3 Men's doubles (with Steen Skovgaard) 1980 Malmö, SWE
European Championships
1 Men's singles 1976 Dublin, Ireland
1 Men's single 1978 Preston, England
1 Men's singles 1980 Groningen, Netherlands
3 Men's singles 1972 Karlskrona, Sweden
3 Men's singles 1974 Vienna, Austria
3 Men's doubles (with Elo Hansen) 1974 Vienna, Austria
3 Men's doubles (with Elo Hansen) 1980 Groningen, Netherlands
Open Championships
1 Men's singles 1977 All England
Danish National Badminton Championships
1 Men's doubles (with Steen Skovgaard) 1975
1 Men's singles 1976
1 Men's doubles (with Elo Hansen) 1976
1 Men's singles 1977
1 Men's doubles (with Elo Hansen) 1976
1 Men's singles 1981
1 Men's doubles (with Steen Skovgaard) 1981


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