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Flashgal is a 1985 scrolling shooter arcade game by Sega.

Flashgal flyer.png
Platform(s)Arcade Game
Genre(s)Scrolling shooter
DisplayRaster, 224 x 288 pixels, 256 colors


The game was released in the year of 1985 with a platform genre. Flashgal has a horizontal orientation with a standard resolution. It also is a color game. It allows a multiplayer of two players to play at once. It includes an 8 way joystick. The sound is amplified mono with one channel. It stands upright and vertical for the cabinet style. Flashgal is controlled by the player who controls when she kicks, punches, and jumps to move through the various levels.[1] . FlashGal was heavily influenced by the resurgence of Marvel Comics character "Elektra". The Elektra character was enjoying a resurgence in the early-mid eighties thanks to the Frank Miller comic books, Elektra Lives, and Elektra Assassin. The bald, white suited "Boss" of FlashGal was more than a nod to the "KingPin" character from these books. The Top Flash of this arcade game leaned towards WonderWoman (DC), but the obvious inspiration was Elektra.


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