Flare (disambiguation)

A flare is a device that produces brilliant light and intense heat without explosion, used for lighting, signaling, decoration or as aerial defense countermeasure

Flare may also refer to:


  • Flare star, a variable star that can undergo unpredictable dramatic increases in brightness for a few minutes
  • Satellite flare, a phenomenon caused by the reflective surfaces on satellites
  • Solar flare, an eruption of plasma from the surface of the sun


  • Flare (aviation), a technique used in landing an aircraft where the descent rate is gradually reduced until the landing gear gently touches the ground or runway
  • Flare (countermeasure), an aerial countermeasure against heat-seeking missiles
  • Flarecraft, a wing-in-ground effect vehicle
  • Sky Flare, a Czech paraglider design


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  • Flare (ship), a descriptive measure of hull shape
  • Flare fitting, an expansion flare on the end of a pipe in plumbing
  • Gas flare or "flare stack", a gas combustion device used at industrial plants and work sites, especially those involving petroleum or natural gas
  • Routine flaring, the practice of disposing of massive amounts of petroleum gas during crude oil extraction



  • Flare-up, a recurrence or aggravation of symptoms of a medical condition
  • An occurrence slit lamp examinations



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