Fitil (Russian: Фитиль, IPA: [fʲɪˈtʲilʲ], Fuse) is a popular Soviet short film and television anthology series which ran for 608 episodes. Some of the episodes were aimed at children, and were called Фитилёк, Fitilyok, Little Fuse. Each issue contained from the few short segments: documentary, fictional and animated ones.

Directed by various artists, including Leonid Gaidai who presented his famous trio of Nikulin, Vitsin and Morgunov into the cast.

It was called "the anecdotes from the Soviet government" in the USSR.

List of episodesEdit

Number Year Plot Description Author and editor Director Cameraman, soundman and film editor Artist Composer Actors Studio
1 1962 In one boot "Head of city pensioners" Tyutiryutin goes on a fishing trip. On his return his wife tells him, that in a meeting held in his absence, he was called a "fool". Tyutiryutin calls all his subordinates together, demanding to know who had called him a "fool". In the end he learns that he was called "fisherman", and not "fool". Sergey Mikhalkov Igor Ilyinsky, A. Kol'chaty Igor Ilyinsky, Olga Viklandt [ru] Mosfilm
Task School task about "eyewash" Leonid Lench [ru] Lev Kulidzhanov, Isaak Magiton [ru] Muza Krepkogorskaya Gorky Film Studio
Beet Short animation about beet Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin (?) Soyuzmultfilm
Living corpse Two men pretend to be dead, to avoid having to make alimony payments Mark Abramov [ru] Andrey Tutyshkin [ru] Vladimir Nikolaev [ru] Georgy Kolganov [ru] Nikita Bogoslovsky Sergey Filippov, Yevgeny Morgunov, Lubov Sokolova Mosnauchfilm [ru]
3 1962 Ears The head of the department makes a meaningless tirade about "if only there were mushrooms growing in your mouth" and what happens from this. His "efficiency" and "initiative" are noticed. They pull him up by the ears. Now he's a deputy manager, and his ears have grown. Again he is pulled up, he is already a manager with even longer ears. Then he delivers his meaningless speeches from a high rostrum, and his ears are very long. Who's pulling him by those ears? Leonid Likhodeev [ru], Sergey Mikhalkov Andrey Tutyshkin [ru] Ivan Lyubeznov
People's rubles A steel plant in Cherepovets receives equipment that is not used L. Pankin, Sergey Mikhalkov L. Pankin L. Pankin CSDF (?)
The virus of indifference About problems of growing corn Vladimir Kapninsky [ru], Sergey Mikhalkov Vladimir Pekar [ru], Vladimir Popov Yefim Berezin [ru], Yury Timoshenko [ru] Soyuzmultfilm
Without thinking twice About dismissive treatment with ancient monuments in Vitebsk Yuri Yegorov [ru] Yuri Yegorov [ru] Yuri Yegorov [ru] CSDF (?)
Revanchist Anti-fascist cartoon Mark Abramov [ru], Sergey Mikhalkov Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin Soyuzmultfilm

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