Yeralash (Russian: Ералаш, IPA: [jɪrɐˈlaʂ]) is a Russian children's comedy TV show and magazine. Yeralash also runs an actor studio and the "Yeralash Island" camp. The word eralash means "mixed, mishmash" and is taken from the Turkic languages.

GenreChildren's sketch comedy
Created by
Theme music composerAlexei Rybnikov
Country of originUSSRRussia
Original languageRussian
No. of episodes339
Production companies
Original release1974 –
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In 1974, Directors Alla Surikova, Alexander Khmelik and Boris Grachevsky sent a letter to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union with a proposal to create a comedy newsreel “Fitilek” for children (similar to the name of another newsreel Fitil, which was aimed for adult audience). In the process of development, the name "Fitilyek" was rejected. The most widespread story aid that a contest was announced among the audience for the name of the film magazine and the name "Yeralash" was taken from a letter from a certain schoolgirl, which did not survive. However, in 2013, Surikova and Grachevsky finally told that the name was coined by the daughter of Khmelik and Maria. Meanwhile, the name "Yeralash" itself is consonant with the surname taken from Philip Ermash, the chairman of the State Committee for Cinematography (Goskino) from 1972 to 1986.[1][2]

Initially, the show was formally shown in all theatres across the USSR prior to its run moved to television in 1986.[2]

In 1985, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the programme, Grachevsky co-authored with Julius Gusman made a musical television film concert entitled “What is Jumble?” The film consisted of cuts of the best plots, as well as pop, concert and circus performances, parodies of famous singers in those years. The film was attended by actors, its creators, some actors who most often starred in it, as well as famous singers and comedians (Vladimir Vinokur, Gennady Khazanov, among others).

In 1995, on the 20th anniversary of their show, a special concert was organized and a 2-hour television version with cuts of the best plots was created, in 1999 on the 25th anniversary followed another runs itself in 2000 and in 2004.[3][4]

As of March 2018, celebration 1000's episodes have been produced. A typical episode consists of two to four unrelated comedy scenes.[5]

Yeralash has traditionally been filmed in Sukko near Anapa. The show featured numerous notable present-day Russian celebrities such as singer Yulia Volkova from duo t.A.T.u., singer Vlad Topalov and singer Glukoza.

On September 25, 2016, Boris Grachevsky announced that Yeralash will stop production after season 32 (and there will be no season 33) and that it will be closed on December 20 of the same year.

Theme musicEdit

The Opening theme itself was taken from the lyrics of the poem written by and then accompanied to compose the melody proposed by Vladimir Shainsky, but he omitted most of the words. Therefore, the choice was made in favor of the melody of Alexei Rybnikov using only the synthesizer. It was performed by Elena Kamburova from 1974 to 1996 and later by 10 year old Sergey Lazarev and the group ensemble "Nepocyedy'" from 1997.


Yeralash also produces a children's comedy magazine; twelve issues had been published by October 2009. The magazines featured anecdotes and humorous stories. Each magazine consists of seven to thirteen articles. It is published by the Drofa publishing house.


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