Fimbles is a British children's television series created and produced by Novel Entertainment.[1] The series has 200 episodes, airing from 2002 to 2004 with repeats airing until early 2012 on CBeebies. The Fimbles are Fimbo, Florrie and Baby Pom, three magical characters who all live in a bright, lush, and colourful place called Fimble Valley. The production of the show itself was filmed at Bray Studios in Berkshire between 1 June 2002 and 27 May 2003.

Created bySarah Hayes
Developed byBBC Broadcast
Written bySimon Davies
Alan MacDoanld
Jan Page
Lucinda Whiteley
Toby Rushton
Mike Watts
Sarah Hayes
Tamsin Heatley
Christopher Lillicrap
Directed byHelen Sheppard (50 episodes, 2002 to 2003)
Jamie Langton (3 episodes, 2002)
Vivienne Cozens (1 episode, 2002)
Julian Kemp (1 episode, 2002)
Ursula McCulloch (1 episode, 2002)
Voices ofAidan Cook
Shelley Longworth
Kate Harbour
Tamsin Heatley
Wayne Forester
Theme music composerPaul K. Joyce
ComposersPaul K. Joyce
Kick Production
Philip Pope
Lester Barnes
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
No. of series3
No. of episodes200
Executive producersClare Elstow
Mike Watts
David Hamilton
ProducerLucinda Whiteley
Production locationBray Studios
Camera setupIan Baldwin
Alan Beal
Paul Freeman
Steve Jellyman
and others
Running time20 minutes approx
Production companiesNovel Entertainment
Novel Finders Limited
Original release
NetworkBBC Two
Release23 September 2002 (2002-09-23) –
24 September 2004 (2004-09-24)
The Roly Mo Show

The programme has been broadcast in over 100 countries, including the countries Canada, China and all the countries in mainland Europe.



The series features three magical hippo/pig/tapir-like hybrid creatures called the "Fimbles", who are portrayed by "skin" actors in complex, fluffy animatronic suits and all look quite similar apart from their colour and size. The characters explore Fimble Valley and can find things through a special "sixth sense". When the Tinkling Tree tinkles its bell-like blossoms, it makes the nose, fingers and topknot of one or more Fimbles twitch as they get the "Fimbling Feeling". This tells the character(s) that they are going to find something. It may be a natural phenomenon - a patch of sunlight for example, an everyday object, e.g. a tambourine, or something which would be totally inexplicable in the real world, such as a puddle of blue "galoo". Whatever is found becomes the catalyst for the episode's adventures and the trigger for the Fimbles' creative play. The other characters featured are large-scale puppets who normally help out the Fimbles with something.

The snouted and concentrically-ringed appearance of the Fimbles was based on the eponymous antagonists of Lucy Anna and the Finders, written and illustrated by Sarah Hayes. Although Hayes is cited in the credits of Fimbles, and she was involved in adapting the characters for the television series, the implacably omnivorous Finders (who, throughout the book, threaten to eat Lucy Anna) have nothing else in common with the Fimbles.


  • Fimbo - A yellow Fimble with green stripes. Fimbo is the oldest, tallest and only male of the trio. He likes to play his Shimmi Shaker and eat crumble crackers. He is operated by John Tobias, Steve Poole and Adam Blaug and voiced by Aidan Cook.
  • Florrie - A blue Fimble with purple stripes. She likes to sing songs and is normally seen with a doll that resembles a Fimble called "Little One". She is operated by Jenny Hutchinson, Leah Green and Holli Hoffman and voiced by Shelley Longworth (Series 1) and Kate Harbour (Series 2).
  • Baby Pom - A green Fimble with pink stripes. Being the youngest and smallest, she has a personality similar to that of a toddler. She generally follows the other Fimbles around their world and normally pushes a yellow wagon called the "Trundle Truck". She is operated by Samantha Dodd and Denise Dove and voiced by Tamsin Heatley.
  • Bessie - A plump pink bird who lives near the waterfall with Ribble. She normally gives out a summary at the end of the programme of what the Fimbles did in the episode and she shows the Fimbles what the found items are. The episode, "Yodelling Echo", reveals she knows how to yodel. She is puppeteered by Neil Sterenberg, Steven Kynman and Robert Skidmore (assistant) and voiced by Tamsin Heatley.
  • Roly Mo - A purple and green striped mole. He has a huge underground library, where he finds a book to show off to the Fimbles in every episode. He is puppeteered by Neil Sterenberg and Iestyn Evans (assistant) and voiced by Wayne Forester.
  • Rockit - A blue tree frog who is normally seen hopping around and being quite inquisitive and energetic. He is puppeteered by Simon Buckley and Katherine Smee and voiced by Wayne Forester.
  • Ribble - An orange male fluffball chick with a light blue beak who is Bessie's son. He makes squeaks that the other characters can understand. He was given black eyes in later episodes. He is operated by Garry Rutter, Dan Carlisle and Matthew Lyons and voiced by Tamsin Heatley.



Series 1 (2002)

  1. Hooter
  2. Jingly Hat
  3. Suitcase
  4. Cushion
  5. Sock
  6. Hoop
  7. Red
  8. Puzzle
  9. Wig
  10. Tambourine
  11. Tent
  12. Pebbles
  13. Shiny Button
  14. Wind
  15. Wellington
  16. Red Nose
  17. Clockwork Toy
  18. Party Hat
  19. Blue
  20. Pedal Bin
  21. Windmill
  22. Watering Can
  23. Shopping Basket
  24. Wooden Spoon
  25. Cotton Wool
  26. Moon
  27. String
  28. Russian Dolls
  29. Picture Frame
  30. Gnome
  31. Envelope
  32. Sunbeam
  33. Reflection
  34. Funnel
  35. Woolly Hat
  36. Postcard
  37. Tissues
  38. Magic Wand
  39. Money Box
  40. Shoes
  41. Spots
  42. Stepping Stones
  43. Sleeping Bag
  44. Mirror
  45. Bubbles
  46. Sticky Patch
  47. Treasure Hunt
  48. Arrow
  49. Furry Material
  50. Hairbrush
  51. Radio
  52. Box of Coins
  53. Treasure Chest
  54. Rainbow
  55. Cards
  56. Music Box
  57. Wrapping Paper
  58. Yellow
  59. Building Blocks
  60. Tune
  61. Star
  62. Hiccup
  63. Glitter
  64. Leaf
  65. Snowflake
  66. Picture Book
  67. Keys
  68. Triangle
  69. Traffic Light

Series 2 (2003)

  1. Baby's Rattle
  2. Whisper
  3. Signpost
  4. Scarf
  5. Big Box
  6. Toy Phone
  7. Feather Boa
  8. China Plate
  9. Tin Tray
  10. Sand Timer
  11. Box Of Straws
  12. Yawn
  13. Door
  14. Bird Song
  15. Jack In The Box
  16. Apron
  17. Coconut
  18. Bucket And Spade
  19. Handbag
  20. Flag
  21. Broom
  22. Lunch Bag
  23. White Line
  24. Glove
  25. Trumpet
  26. Stripey Towel
  27. Coloured Block
  28. Silver Foil
  29. Smell
  30. Purse
  31. Bracelet
  32. Trousers
  33. Alarm Clock
  34. Echo
  35. Round Mat
  36. Quiet Place
  37. Maraca
  38. Bell Pull
  39. Snowman
  40. Curtains
  41. Feather Duster
  42. Ball
  43. Egg Cup
  44. Horse Shoe
  45. Tickle
  46. Rose
  47. Circle
  48. Brown Paper Bag
  49. Drum
  50. Pick Up Stick
  51. Cuddle
  52. Kiss
  53. Invitation
  54. Cactus
  55. Chime Bars
  56. Dandelion
  57. Balloon
  58. Whistle
  59. Umbrella
  60. Comb
  61. Fan
  62. Scrap Book
  63. Musical Baton
  64. Bagpipes
  65. Plaster
  66. Rugby Ball
  67. Cloth Bib
  68. Smelly Sock
  69. Ticket
  70. Small Box
  71. Hoppy Ball
  72. Squeaky Toy
  73. Pot of Glitter
  74. Raincloud
  75. Top Hat
  76. Skipping Rope
  77. Three Bowls
  78. Yellow Flag
  79. Acorn
  80. Chalk and Board
  81. Snow Globe
  82. Bean Bag
  83. Handbell
  84. Kite
  85. White Football
  86. Red Tree
  87. Flowery Hat
  88. Shadow
  89. Blue Cloth
  90. Cowboy Hat
  91. Birthday Present
  92. Gold Star
  93. Teddy Bear
  94. Pop-Up Frog
  95. Pillow
  96. Hole
  97. Chequered Flag
  98. Dog Basket
  99. Tennis Ball
  100. Wheelbarrow
  101. Shoelaces
  102. Cardboard Box
  103. Toy Box
  104. Yodelling Echo
  105. Clockwork Mouse
  106. Tinsel
  107. Jelly
  108. Widget
  109. Cold Place
  110. Pumpkin
  111. Rollerskate
  112. Modelling Balloon

Series 3 (2004)

  1. Gold Coin
  2. Raindrop
  3. Castanets
  4. Wobbly Board
  5. Seashell
  6. Kazoo
  7. Bead Counter
  8. Stethoscope
  9. Zills
  10. Pop-Up Book
  11. Joke Teeth
  12. Nodding Dog
  13. Wishing Stone
  14. Chef's Hat
  15. Squiggle
  16. Queen's Crown

In 2004, The Roly Mo Show began airing on CBeebies. As with the original show, this series was also produced by Novel Entertainment[2] and stars Roly Mo and a cast of other characters including Roly's niece Little Bo. The Roly Mo Show concentrates on literacy and books and is made as an educational programme.

Fimbly Songtime, a shortened version of the programme featuring only the songs, has also aired in the past.[3] The programme has also erroneously been listed as Fimbles Songtime.[4]

A radio series titled Rockit's Pocket, featuring the Rockit character, aired on the long-gone CBeebies Radio strand on BBC Radio 7 (now BBC Radio 4 Extra) in 2009.

Horrid Henry, another Novel Entertainment program, has referenced the show and characters frequently throughout the series.

A live touring show produced by BBC Worldwide titled Fimbles Live! - It's A Party toured theatres across the United Kingdom from April–November 2006 and was devised by the playwright and author David Wood CBE. The show focused on the characters planning a party, with CBeebies presenter Sarah-Jane Honeywell as the special guest, being the first human to visit Fimble Valley.[5]



BBC Worldwide signed a master toy deal with Mattel's Fisher-Price subsidiary for the series in May 2002.[6]

International airings


Until the early 2010s, the series' distribution and marketing was handled by BBC Worldwide. After the deal expired, distribution reverted to Novel Entertainment.

In the Republic of Ireland, Fimbles was broadcast on Network 2 (later changed to RTÉ2 in 2004) as part of a lineup of programmes for younger children called The Den and started airing on 20 January 2003.

In Australia from 3 February 2003 to 30 September 2008, Fimbles was broadcast on ABC and its third digital channel ABC2.

Fimbles (핌블핌블) has been extremely popular in South Korea, where KBS 2TV broadcast the programme under a partnership with the BBC from 23 June 2003 to 29 October 2004. Yoo Sang-won directed the Korean dub, which led the show to become well-known and liked among Koreans at the time because of its both fun and educational aspects.

In Spain Fimbles was broadcast on La 2 from March 2004 until Late 2000s during Los Lunnis,[7] Starting from 2005, it was also shown on Playhouse Disney.

As of 1 June 2007 Fimbles (粉宝乐园) is being broadcast in China on Shanghai Media Group's children's network HAHA TV. All 200 episodes are being shown sequentially and dubbed in Mandarin Chinese. As the show in its original format is only 19 minutes long, the show has been lengthened by 5 minutes for the Chinese market.

In Vietnam, since 2008, Fimbles is a part of the show 5 Minutes to Learn English Everyday (5 phút học [tiếng Anh] mỗi ngày), which is produced by HTV4 together with many famous English centres and international schools. However, in VBC, it is a separate show named Những chú heo con Fimbles.

Since June 2008, the show has also been broadcast by Tata Sky DTH in India under a partnership with the BBC on the country's variant of the CBeebies channel.

In Colombia from 2004 and 2007, it was broadcast by Señal Colombia.

In New Zealand, the show was played on TV2.

In South Africa, Fimbles began airing on SABC 1.

In Singapore, it was broadcast by Central and played on their children's block Kids Central. The series aired in Singapore from 2003 to January 2006 and then on Okto in 2011.

In Hong Kong, the series was screened on TVB Pearl.

In Malta, Fimbles was aired on TVM.

In Thailand, the English version of the series was broadcast on Thai cable television TrueVisions (originally known as UBC at the time) on their children's network UBC Spark.

The show has aired on Bang Bang in Albania under the title "Fimbëllsat", with re-runs continuing to air as recently as 2012. It is dubbed in Albanian.

In Israel, Fimbles has been broadcast in Hebrew on the Hop! Channel, One of the voice artists of that dub is Ami Mandelman who also voiced Bert on Rechov Sumsum, and Goofy from The Mickey Mouse Series.



Award nominations

  • BAFTA Children's Awards 2003
    • Nominated for Best Pre-school Live Action Series[8]
  • BAFTA Children's Awards 2004
    • Nominated for Best Pre-school Live Action Series[9]


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