Film Critics Circle of India

Film Critics Circle of India (FCCI) is a society comprising notable film critics from all the major film producing states of India.[2][3][4]

At the AGM, conducted at the International Film Festival of India—2013, Subhash Ghai said, "You are in a highly responsible profession. You have the responsibility to look into the growth of civilization and of the next generation. We filmmakers look upon you as God. So guide us in your reviews, tell us where we lack, and how we can improve. But do not mock us. Creative people are extra sensitive, so talk like a mother, not like an opponent."[5]


FCCI Award for Best Indian Film of the YearEdit

FCCI awards at film festivalsEdit

  • FCCI Award for Best Indian Short Fiction Film at Kautik International Student Film Festival-2018: Orukkam. "For its subtle, sensitive handling of the dual theme of the plight of senior citizens, and of mercy killing."
  • Critics Award for Best Short Fiction at SASFF-2018:[12] Statement After My Poet Husband's Death/ Bangladesh/ Bengali/ 2016/15M/ Dir. Tasmiah Afrin Mou.
  • Critics Award for Best Documentary at SASFF-2018: Liquid Borders/ India/ English/ 2015/ 40M/ Dir. Barnali Ray Shukla.
  • FCCI Award for Best Indian Film at ALIIFF-2016: The Violin Player (directed by Bauddhayan Mukherji).“For the sensitive portrayal of conflict between the artistic vision of ideal life and harsh realities of the contemporary city life, depicted in an innovative and minimalistic style.” [13]
  • FCCI Award for Best Debut Director at HBFF-2016: Debesh Chattopadhyay (Natoker Moto). “For the sensitive cinematic portrayal of the struggle of a dedicated artistic soul in a powerful visual odyssey that reinforces cinema, theater and lived life.” [14]
  • FCCI Special Mention Award at HBFF-2016: Cinemawala (directed by Kaushik Ganguly). “For directing the spotlight on the grave crisis engulfing the celluloid art with the inevitable march of technology.”

Journal of Indian CinemaEdit

In January 2019, a monthly journal was launched.[15]

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  • Indian body of FIPRESCI
  • Indian Film Critics Association

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