Fencing at the 1960 Summer Olympics – Men's team sabre

The men's team sabre was one of eight fencing events on the fencing at the 1960 Summer Olympics programme. It was the eleventh appearance of the event. The competition was held on 10 September 1960. 80 fencers from 16 nations competed.[1]

Men's team sabre
at the Games of the XVII Olympiad
Sabre podium 1960 Olympics men.jpg
VenuePalazzo dei Congressi
Dates10 September
Competitors80 from 16 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Aladár Gerevich, Rudolf Kárpáti, Pál Kovács, Zoltán Horváth, Gábor Delneky, Tamás Mendelényi  Hungary
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Jerzy Pawłowski, Wojciech Zabłocki, Marek Kuszewski, Ryszard Zub, Andrzej Piątkowski, Emil Ochyra  Poland
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Wladimiro Calarese, Giampaolo Calanchini, Pierluigi Chicca, Mario Ravagnan, Roberto Ferrari  Italy
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Competition formatEdit

The competition combined pool play with knockout rounds, a change from prior tournaments which used pool play all the way through. The first round consisted of pools, with the 18 teams entered in the competition divided into 6 pools of 3 teams (2 teams withdrew, so 2 pools had only 2 teams each). The top 2 teams in each pool after a round-robin advanced. The 12 teams remaining after the pool play competed in a four-round single-elimination bracket, with a bronze medal match between the semifinal losers. The winners of the first 4 pools received byes in the round of 16.

Each team match consisted of each of the four fencers on one team facing each fencer on the other team, for a maximum of 16 total bouts. An 8–8 tie would be resolved by touches received in victories. Bouts were to 5 touches. Only as much fencing was done as was necessary to determine pool placement (in the first round) or the winning team (in the knockout rounds), so not all matches went to the full 16 bouts but instead stopped early (typically when one team had 9 bouts won).[2]



Ties between teams were broken by individual victories (in parentheses), then by touches received.

Pool A
1.   Hungary (HUN) 1-0 (9-3) Q2
2.   Belgium (BEL) 0-1 (3-9) Q2
Pool B
1.   Poland (POL) 2-0 (23-5) Q2
2.   Austria (AUT) 1-0 (14-14) Q2
3.   Japan (JPN) 0-2 (7-25)
Pool C
1.   Soviet Union (URS) 1-0 (9-1) Q2
2.   Argentina (ARG) 0-1 (1-9) Q2
Pool D
1.   Italy (ITA) 2-0 (18-5) Q2
2.   Romania (ROU) 1-0 (11-17) Q2
3.   Portugal (POR) 0-2 (10-17)
Pool E
1.   France (FRA) 2-0 (19-1) Q2
2.   Great Britain (GBR) 1-0 (9-16) Q2
3.   Spain (ESP) 0-2 (8-19)
Pool F
1.   United States (USA) 2-0 (25-6) Q2
2.   Germany (GER) 1-0 (21-10) Q2
3.   Morocco (MAR) 0-2 (1-31)

Championship roundsEdit

Round TwoQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
  France (FRA)9
  Belgium (BEL)5
  France (FRA)7
  Italy (ITA)9
  Italy (ITA)6
  Hungary (HUN)9
  Romania (ROU)9
  Great Britain (GBR)6
  Romania (ROU)3
  Hungary (HUN)9
  Hungary (HUN)9
  Poland (POL)7
  Germany (GER)9
  Argentina (ARG)4
  Germany (GER)2
  Poland (POL)9
  Poland (POL)9
  United States (USA)3 Third place
  United States (USA)9
  Austria (AUT)5
  United States (USA)8   Italy (ITA)9
  Soviet Union (URS)8   United States (USA)6



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