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Fritz Felix Pipes (also "Piepes"; born 15 April 1887, died) was an Austrian tennis player who was born in Prague.[1] He was Jewish.[2] At the 1912 Stockholm Olympics he teamed up with Arthur Zborzil to win a silver medal in the men's doubles event.[3] He also competed in singles in 1912, and in both singles and doubles (with Zborzil) at the 1908 Summer Olympics.[1]

Felix Pipes
Felix Pipes.jpeg
Full nameFritz Felix Pipes
Country (sports)Austria-Hungary Austria–Hungary
Born(1887-04-15)15 April 1887
Prague Austria-Hungary
Other tournaments
WHCC2R (1913)
Olympic Games1R (1908)

He was runner-up in the Austrian International Championship in both 1909 and 1913.[1] He twice played at the World Hard Court Championships, losing in round one of singles in 1912 and in the quarterfinals of mixed doubles in 1912, and in round two in 1913.[1] He was a medical doctor.[1]

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