Feistein Lighthouse

Feistein Lighthouse (Norwegian: Feistein fyr) is a coastal lighthouse in Rogaland county, Norway. The lighthouse is located on a small island in Klepp municipality, off the coast of Jæren. It was established in 1859, and automated in 1990.[1]

Feistein Lighthouse
Feistein fyrstasjon
View of Feistein Lighthouse
Feistein Lighthouse is located in Rogaland
Feistein Lighthouse
LocationRogaland, Norway
Coordinates58°49′35″N 05°30′19″E / 58.82639°N 5.50528°E / 58.82639; 5.50528Coordinates: 58°49′35″N 05°30′19″E / 58.82639°N 5.50528°E / 58.82639; 5.50528
Year first constructed1859
ConstructionCast iron tower
Tower shapeTapered cylindrical tower
Markings / patternRed tower with two horizontal, white bands in the higher part
Tower height26 metres (85 ft)
Focal height37 metres (121 ft)
Intensity2,430,000 candela
Range11.9 nmi (22.0 km; 13.7 mi)
CharacteristicFFl(2) W 20s
Iso RG 6s
RaconMorse code T
Admiralty numberB3228
NGA number2068
ARLHS numberNOR-013
Norway number100000
Managing agentKlepp Kommune
Heritageheritage site in Norway Edit this on Wikidata

The 26-metre (85 ft) tall cast iron tower sits atop a concrete base. The tower is painted red with two white stripes towards the top. The main light at the top sits at an elevation of 37 metres (121 ft) above sea level which emits two white flashes every 20 seconds. There is also a secondary light located 20.8 metres (68 ft) above sea level that emits a red or green isophase light (depending on direction) that is on for six seconds and then off for six seconds. The main light has an intensity of 2,430,000 candelas and it can be seen for up to 11.9 nautical miles (22.0 km; 13.7 mi). The secondary lights can be seen for slightly less distance. The lighthouse also emits a morse code "T" racon signal.[2][3]

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