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Federal Ministries of Nigeria

The Federal Ministries of Nigeria are civil service departments that are responsible for delivering various types of government service. Each ministry is headed by a Permanent Secretary who reports to a Minister in the Federal Cabinet.[1] Some government functions are provided by "commissions" or parastatals (government-owned corporations) that may be independent or associated with a ministry.[2]



At times, ministries are amalgamated and at other times they are split. Thus Halima Tayo Alao was appointed Minister of Environment and Housing on 26 July 2007 by President Umaru Yar'Adua.[3] After a cabinet reshuffle, in December 2008 Nduese Essien was appointed Minister of Environment and Hassan Muhammed Lawal was appointed Minister of Works and Housing.[4] On 6 April 2010, Mohammed Daggash was appointed Minister of Works and Nduese Essien was appointed Minister of Lands, Housing & Urban Development.[5] The table below lists current or past ministries.

Ministry Notes Website
Agriculture Regulates agricultural research, agriculture and national resources, forestry and veterinary research
Aviation Regulates air travel and aviation services
Defence Consists of the defence services headquarters, the Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Air Force, the Nigerian Navy, and other defence agencies and departments
Education Directs education in Nigeria
Energy See Petroleum Resources and Power
Environment Regulates Environmental issues
Federal Capital Territory Administers the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja)
Finance Manages, controls and monitors federal revenues and expenditures
Foreign Affairs Charged with the responsibility for the formulation, articulation, and pursuit of Nigerian foreign policy trust and objectives.
Health Develop and implements policies and programs and undertakes other actions to deliver health services
Information To establish and maintain a robust information dissemination mechanism that promotes our tourism potentials and enhances our cultural values.
Interior Conducts Nigeria's Internal Policy and International Relations, and other duties related to foreign countries and Nigerians abroad.
Justice Brings cases before the judiciary that are initiated or assumed by the government. Headed by the Attorney General, who is also Minister of Justice
Labour and Productivity Concerned with relations between workers and employees.
Lands & Urban Development Formerly part of the Ministry of Works
Mines and Steel Development Encourages development of the country’s solid mineral resources
Niger Delta Coordinates efforts to tackle the challenges of infrastructural development, environment protection and youth empowerment in the Niger Delta
Petroleum Resources Regulates upstream production and downstream distribution of petroleum products
Power Currently merged with the Ministry of works and Housing
Science & Technology Charts the course of Scientific and Technological development of the nation
Trade and Investment Regulates trade and investment
Tourism, Culture & National Orientation
Water Resources Formed from Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources in April 2010.[6]
Women Affairs Promotes the development of women with equal rights and corresponding responsibilities
Youth Development


Commission Notes Website
Federal Civil Service Executive body that has the authority to make appointments and transfers, and to exercise disciplinary control over all Federal Civil Servants
National Sports
National Planning Responsible for formulating medium term and long term economic and development plans for the Nation
Police Affairs
Police Formation and Command
State House

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