Fabra i Puig (Barcelona Metro)

Fabra i Puig is a Barcelona Metro station, on L1 (red line), located in the Sant Andreu district of Barcelona, below Avinguda Meridiana between Carrer de Concepció Arenal i Passeig de Fabra i Puig. It opened in 1954, with the extension of the aforementioned line from Sagrera to this station. Passengers can commute here for the Renfe-operated Sant Andreu Arenal railway station. It's named after Passeig de Fabra i Puig, one of the main thoroughfares of the area.

The platforms at Fabra i Puig. Picture by Ralf Roletschek.


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Coordinates: 41°25′52″N 2°10′59″E / 41.431°N 2.183°E / 41.431; 2.183