La Sagrera-Meridiana station

La Sagrera-Meridiana, simply known as La Sagrera, is an interchange complex underneath Avinguda Meridiana, in the Barcelona district of Sant Andreu, in Catalonia, Spain. It consists of a Rodalies de Catalunya station and three Barcelona Metro stations. The Rodalies de Catalunya station is located in the Meridiana Tunnel on the Lleida to Barcelona via Manresa railway, between Sant Andreu Arenal and Arc de Triomf, and is operated by Renfe Operadora. It is served by Barcelona commuter rail service lines R3 and R4, as well as regional rail line R12. The Barcelona Metro stations are on lines 1 (L1) and 5 (L5), as well as the northern section of line 9/10 (L9 Nord/L10), and are operated by Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB). On the L1, the station is between Navas and Fabra i Puig, on the L5 between Camp de l'Arpa and Congrés, and on the L9/L10 between Plaça Maragall (future) and Sagrera - TAV (under construction). The station is also projected to become the terminus of the L4 once the extension from La Pau opens. A number of interurban bus services stop near the station.

La Sagrera-Meridiana
Rodalies de Catalunya commuter and regional rail station
TMB rapid transit station complex
La Sagrera-Meridiana.jpg
The Rodalies de Catalunya station.
LocationAvinguda Meridiana
08027 Barcelona
Coordinates41°25′22.56″N 2°11′12.89″E / 41.4229333°N 2.1869139°E / 41.4229333; 2.1869139Coordinates: 41°25′22.56″N 2°11′12.89″E / 41.4229333°N 2.1869139°E / 41.4229333; 2.1869139
Owned by
Operated by
  • Rodalies de Catalunya.svg: 2
  • L1 barcelona.svg: 2
  • L5 barcelona.svg: 2
  • L9 barcelona.svg L10 barcelona.svg: 2
ConnectionsBus transport Urban and interurban buses
Structure typeUnderground
Other information
Station code
  • Rodalies de Catalunya.svg: 79004[1]
  • L1 barcelona.svg: 133
  • L5 barcelona.svg: 526
  • L9 barcelona.svg L10 barcelona.svg: 930
Fare zone1 (ATM Àrea de Barcelona and Rodalies de Catalunya's Barcelona commuter rail service)[2][3]
  • L1 barcelona.svg: 27 January 1954 (1954-01-27)
  • L5 barcelona.svg: 27 July 1957 (1957-07-27)
  • L9 barcelona.svg L10 barcelona.svg: 26 June 2010 (2010-06-26)
  • Rodalies de Catalunya.svg: 20 February 2011 (2011-02-20)
Preceding station   Rodalies de Catalunya.svg Rodalies de Catalunya   Following station
toward L'Hospitalet de LlobregatR3toward Latour-de-Carol-Enveitg
toward Sant Vicenç de CaldersR4toward Manresa
toward L'Hospitalet de LlobregatR12toward Lleida Pirineus
Preceding station   Barcelona Metro Logo.svg Metro   Following station
toward Hospital de BellvitgeL1toward Fondo
toward Cornellà CentreL5toward Vall d'Hebron
TerminusL9 Nordtoward Can Zam
L10toward Gorg
TerminusL4toward Trinitat Nova
toward Airport T1L9toward Can Zam
toward PratencL10toward Gorg
La Sagrera-Meridiana is located in Barcelona
La Sagrera-Meridiana
La Sagrera-Meridiana
Location in the Barcelona area.

Station layoutEdit

Rodalies de CatalunyaEdit

The Rodalies de Catalunya railway station was opened on 16 February 2011 and entered in service on 20 February. It is located under Avinguda Meridiana, between Hondures and Martí Molins streets. It has one access at each side of the station, one of them used by TMB too. The upper level has a hall equipped with ticket vending machines and a left-luggage office. On the lower level there are two platforms where the trains run.

Barcelona MetroEdit

  • Barcelona Metro line 1 station was opened in 1954 with the opening of the line between Navas and this station. The station is located under Avinguda Meridiana, between Hondures and Garcilaso streets. The upper level of the station has two halls, one of them connected to Barcelona Metro line 5 and Rodalies de Catalunya railway station. They are equipped with ticket vending machines and a TMB Information Center.
  • Barcelona Metro line 5 station was opened in 1959 with the opening of the line between Vilapicina and this station. The station is located under Avinguda Meridiana, between Felip II and Garcilaso streets. It has two halls equipped with ticket vending machines and connected to L1 and L9/L10 metro station.
  • Barcelona Metro line 9/10 station was opened in June 2010 with the opening of the line between Bon Pastor and this station. Temporarily L9 and L10 use what will be the future L4 tunnel, when this line will arrive at the station. The station is located under the intersection of Avinguda Meridiana and Felip II street. It is divided in three levels: the upper hall, the upper platform and lower platform. The upper hall is used together with line 5 and is equipped with ticket vending machines and a TMB Control Center. On the upper platform run all the trains that stop in the station because the lower platform is currently closed.


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