FCM Dunărea Galați

Dunărea Galați was a Romanian professional football club from Galați, Galați county, south-east Romania, founded in 1970. The club was dissolved in 2014.[1]

Dunărea Galați
Fcm dunarea galati.png
Full nameFotbal Club Municipal Dunărea Galați
as FC Galați
GroundNicolae Rainea


The club was founded in 1970, took the place of Oțelul Galați in Divizia B[2] and has played for 5 seasons in the Liga I.

For a brief period, it was Galați's main team, but after the rise of Oțelul in the 1980s, it is seen only in the Liga II and the Liga III.

They were supposed to be relegated to Liga III at the end of the 2007–08 season, but they managed to maintain their second league position due to the withdrawal of FCM Câmpina.

The 2009–10 season started well, the team reaching the Round of 32 of the Romanian Cup, being eliminated by cup holders CFR Cluj. They finished 11th in the league.

Chronology of namesEdit

Name [3] Period Notes
FC Galați 1970–1975
FCM Galați 1975–1982 Merged with CSU Galați, the former Politehnica Galaţi.
Dunărea CSU Galați 1982–1988
Ştiinţa NAVROM Galați 1988–1991
Dunărea Romport Galați 1991–1992 Merged with Gloria CFR Galați (1986), no connection with Gloria CFR Galați.
FCM Dunărea Galați 1992–2014


Liga I:

Liga II:

Liga III:

Liga IV - Galați County:


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