FCM Câmpina was a Romanian football team from Poiana Câmpina, Prahova County founded in 1936 and dissolved in 2008.

FCM Câmpina
Full nameFotbal Club Municipal Câmpina
Short nameCâmpina

History edit

The team was founded under the name Astra Câmpina, which was a local factory that was sponsoring the team. Later the team changed its name to Poiana Câmpina.

Even though the team is now called FCM Câmpina (Municipal Football Club Câmpina), most of its fans still call the team "Poiana" or "Poieniţa", a diminutive. Furthermore, FCM Câmpina used to be, for a couple of years, Dinamo Bucharest's second team, and was back then called Dinamo Poiana Câmpina. During this affiliation, football lovers from Câmpina were able to see playing for the local team famous players who were on loan from Dinamo: Ianis Zicu, Ionel Danciulescu, Vlad Munteanu, Cristian Pulhac and others, players that have several selections in the national team.

The most important player to have been developed by FCM Câmpina is Daniel Costescu, who played for first division clubs like Petrolul Ploieşti, FC Argeş Piteşti or Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ, scoring 44 goals in 222 matches in the first division, and 21 goals in 67 matches in the second division.

On August 5, 2008, chairman Chiţu announced that the team has been dissolved and he does not wish to play any further part in Câmpina's football, thus destroying a football club with 72 years of tradition.[1]

Chronology of names edit

Name [2] Period
Astra Română Poiana Câmpina 1936–1950
Flacăra Poiana Câmpina 1950–1952
Metalul Poiana Câmpina 1953–1954
Flacăra Poiana Câmpina 1954–1956
Energia Poiana Câmpina 1956–1958
FCM Poiana Câmpina 1958–2008

Honours edit

Liga II:

Liga III:

Ploiești Regional Championship

  • Winners (1): 1951

Notable players edit

Former managers edit

References edit

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