FAW Bus and Coach

FAW Bus and Coach is a bus manufacturer located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. Founded in 1959, it was assigned under the FAW Group in 1986.[1] The buses are sold under the Taihu brand.

FAW Bus and Coach
ParentFAW Group

The Dalian division of FAW Bus and Coach Co Ltd manufactures Jie Fang and Yuan Zheng brand medium and large-size buses in a 186,300 square meter factory in Dalian, Liaoning, China.[2] An unfinished bus production base in at the Dalian Economic & Technological Development Zone is expected to be complete in mid-2010 and will produce hybrid buses.[3]


  • Taihu CA6100S1H2
  • Taihu CA6100S2H2
  • Taihu CA6122CH2
  • Taihu XQ6102SH2
  • Taihu XQ6103Y1H2
  • Taihu XQ6104S
  • Taihu XQ6113Y1H2
  • Taihu XQ6123Y1H2
  • Taihu XQ6600TQ9
  • Taihu XQ6601TQ9
  • Taihu XQ6609TQ2
  • Taihu XQ6739SH2
  • Taihu XQ6761SH9
  • Taihu XQ6769SH2
  • Taihu XQ6791YH2
  • Taihu XQ6820S1H2
  • Taihu XQ6861YH2
  • Taihu XQ6890SH2
  • Taihu XQ6890S1H2
  • Taihu XQ6961T1


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