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List of expressways of Pakistan

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Expressways of Pakistan (Urdu: پاکستان کے بزرگراه‎) are a network of multiple-lane, high-speed toll highways in Pakistan, which are owned, maintained and operated by various levels of government. All federal expressways are controlled by the National Highway Authority, while others are provincially and municipally controlled. Expressways are usually higher grades than national highways, but differ from motorways by having less access restrictions. All federal expressways are pre-fixed with the letter 'E' (for "expressway") followed by the unique numerical designation of the specific highway (with a hyphen in the middle), e.g. "E-35".

Expressways of Pakistan
پاکستان کے گزرگراه
System information
Maintained by National Highway Authority
Length260 km (160 mi)
Highway names
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List of Federal ExpresswaysEdit

Sign Course/Name Length Lanes Completion Year Status Remarks
  Peshawar Northern Bypass 32 km 4 2013 Operational Links M-1 with N-5.[1]
  E1 Expressway
Peshawar–Torkham Expressway
65 km 4 2023 Proposed Will link M-1 with Torkham border crossing with Afghanistan.
Construction scheduled for 2018.[2]
  E3 Expressway
Kot Sarwar–Hafizabad–Wazirabad Expressway
100 km 4 2020 Proposed Feasibility study underway.
Will link N-5 with M-2/M-4 junction at Pindi Bhattian.
  E5 Expressway
Khanewal–Lodhran Expressway
103 km 4 2019 Operational Links Bahawalpur and Lodhran to M-4
  E6 Expressway
Sukkur–Jacobabad Expressway
69 km 4 2020 Proposed Feasibility study underway.[3][4]
  E6B Expressway
Ratodero-Sehwan Expressway
200 km 4 2020 Proposed Feasibility study underway.[5]
 . E35 Expressway
Hazara Expressway
110 km 4 2017 Partially Operational
Under Construction
Will link N-5 and M-1 Motorway Burhan Interchange at Hasan Abdal with N-35 (Karakoram Highway) at Mansehra via Havelian and Abbottabad.
  E75 Expressway
Islamabad–Muzzafarabad Expressway
130 km 4 2017 Partially Operational
Under Construction
Islamabad–Murree section opened in 2013.
Murree–Muzaffarabad section proposed.
  E90 Expressway
Besham–Khwazakhela Expressway
66 km 4 Proposed Will link N-35 with N-90.[6][7]
  Lahore–Nankana Sahib Expressway 66 km 4 Proposed Feasibility study underway.[8]
  E2 Expressway
Islamabad Expressway
28 km 10 2018 Partially Operational
Connecting N-5 and E-75

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