Speed limits in Pakistan

Speed limits in Pakistan are similar to most European countries on newer roads with most highways at 140km/hr (equivalent to 85 MPH), and somewhat higher in the western and eastern parts of the country. Most areas of the country do not have a strict enforced limit.

On the M2 and M1, the speed limit is 140km/h.

On newly constructed Motorways, such as the M3, the road limits are enforced at 120km/h. Most parts of the motorway do not have an enforced speed limit and there is an extreme lack of speed-cameras in the country leading to people speeding well above 180km/h on motorways. In Baluchistan, roads have no enforced limit and police is inactive in the province. Most roads are old and in bad shape, leading to extremely critical accidents and terror attacks stretch across the highway. People are advised to drive without headlights in the province of Baluchistan due to the heavy influence of Baluch Insurgents. The national highway N-5 has an enforced speed limit of 140km/h, with a grace limit till 160km/h. All ring roads around cities are enforced at 160km/h, except Lahore Ring Road which has an enforced limit of 200km/h. The enforced limit depends on the condition of the road and geographical structure. The M-11, from Lahore to Sialkot has no enforced limit due to the lack of police and strict laws in that portion of the country with the rise of terrorism. Local roads have no limit and urban roads other than national highways have no limit either, since they are in bad shape and infested with counterfeit tolls and insurgents everywhere.

Speed Limit for LTV(Light Transport Vehicle) is 120
Speed Limit for HTV(Heavy Transport Vehicle) is 110

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