European Renju Championship

The European Renju Championship is an official Renju championship organized by the Renju International Federation (RIF). It was started in 1994.[1]


The first European Championship was held in 1994 in Tallinn, Estonia. In 1995, it was decided by the General Assembly of the Renju International Federation (RIF) that the European Championships would be held regularly.[2] In the same year, the 2nd European Championship was held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Since 1996, the European Championship was changed to happen once every two years.[1]

Tournament systemEdit

Over the years, the tournament was held in different ways. In 1994 and 1995, the Swiss system was used. In 1996, there were two groups, after which the winner was determined by the semifinal and final matches. A similar regulation with only one group was applied until 2002. From then, the Swiss system was used in a long time. In 2016, a round-robin system with final matches was applied.[1]

Places and winnersEdit

No. Year Hosting city Winner Runner-up Third
1 1994   Tallinn, Estonia   Arnis Veidemanis   Stepan Peskov   Igor Sinyov
2 1995   Saint Petersburg, Russia   Alexandr Klimashin   Mikhail Kozhin   Vladimir Semyonov
3 1996   Stockholm, Sweden   Ando Meritee   Aldis Reims   Igor Sinyov
4 1998   Tallinn, Estonia   Ando Meritee   Vladimir Sushkov   Ants Soosõrv
5 2000   Zhovti Vody, Ukraine   Alexandr Klimashin   Ants Soosõrv   Stefan Karlsson
6 2002   Karepa, Estonia   Igor Sinyov   Tunnet Taimla   Pavel Makarov
7 2004   Podyuga, Russia   Alexandr Kadulin   Johann Lents   Pavel Vershinin
8 2006   Havlíčkův Brod, Czech Republic   Ando Meritee   Alexandr Kadulin   Ants Soosõrv
9 2008   Saint Petersburg, Russia   Aivo Oll   Sergey Artemyev   Tunnet Taimla
10 2010   Karepa, Estonia   Maxim Karasyov   Tunnet Taimla   Mikhail Kozhin
11 2012   Suzdal, Russia   Oleg Fedorkin   Ants Soosõrv   Yuriy Tarannikov
12 2014   Tallinn, Estonia   Ants Soosõrv   Martin Hõbemägi   Pavel Makarov
13 2016   Tashkent, Uzbekistan   Dmitry Epifanov   Johann Lents [a]   Tunnet Taimla [b]
14 2018   Tallinn, Estonia   Denis Fedotov   Aivo Oll   Martin Hõbemägi [c]
15 2022   Çanakkale, Turkey   Vladimir Sushkov [d]   Dmitry Epifanov [d]   Aivo Oll
  1. ^ With the actual 3rd place, as Wang Qingqing, the representative of China, took the 2nd place.
  2. ^ With the actual 4th place, as Wang Qingqing, the representative of China, took the 2nd place.
  3. ^ With the actual 4th place, as Wang Qingqing, the representative of China, took the 3nd place.
  4. ^ a b According to the protocol of the Renju International Federation in 2022, Russian players would play under the Russian Renju Association and would not be using Russian flags.


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