Renju International Federation

The Renju International Federation (RIF) is an international organization which was founded in Stockholm, Sweden on August 8, 1988. The main purpose of the federation is to unite all the Renju and gomoku national federations all over the world, organize international tournaments such as World Championships, together with other activities in renju and gomoku, and spread renju activities in the world. The federation carry out the General Assembly every two years.[1][2]

Renju International Federation
FormationAugust 8, 1988; 34 years ago (1988-08-08)
TypeInternational organization
HeadquartersStockholm, Sweden
20 members
Madli Mirme

The Central CommitteeEdit

The Central Committee is responsible to the current status of the Renju International Federation, together with the activities of the officials of the Federation.[1] According to the status, there are 6 positions in the Central Committee.[2]

Position Name Country
President Madli Mirme   Estonia
Vice President Norihiko Kawamura   Japan
Vice President Dmitry Epifanov   Russia
Vice President Tunnet Taimla   Estonia
General Secretary Aivo Oll   Estonia
Treasurer Stefan Karlsson   Sweden


The Renju International Federation was founded in 1988 by 3 founder members: Japan, Soviet Union and Sweden. Up to 2017, there have been 20 members in the Renju International Federation. The list of members follows.[1]

Member Year of joining Status
  Japan 1988 Founder Member
  Russia 1988 Founder Member[a]
  Sweden 1988 Founder Member
  Canada 2003 Member
  China 1996 Member
  Macau, China 2015 Member
  Chinese Taipei 1999 Member
  Czech Republic 2003 Member
  Estonia 1988 Member
  Greece 2016 Member
  South Korea 2001 Member
  Poland 2009 Member
  Turkey 2015 Member
  Ukraine 1988 Member
  Uzbekistan 1999 Member
  Armenia 1988 Idle
  Azerbaijan 1988 Idle
  Belarus 1988 Idle
  Finland 2003 Idle
  Latvia 1988 Idle
  1. ^ Russia has inherited the place of the Soviet Union since 1992.

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