Euphradian Society

The Euphradian Society, also known as ΦΑΕ (Phi Alpha Epsilon), was a literary society founded in 1806 at the University of South Carolina, then known as South Carolina College, as a result of the splitting in two of the Philomathic Society, which had been formed within weeks of the opening of the college in 1805 and included virtually all enrolled students. At what was called the Synapian Convention held in February, 1806, the members of Philomathic decided to split into separate societies, one of which became known as Euphradian, while the other became known as Clariosophic.[1]

Harper College, the location of Euphradian Society Hall
Euphradian Society
FoundedFebruary 1806; 214 years ago (1806-02)
University of South Carolina, (Columbia, South Carolina)
TypeLiterary Society


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