Esteghlal FSC

Esteghlal Futsal Club (Persian: باشگاه فوتسال استقلال) was an Iranian futsal club based in Tehran, Iran. Esteghlal was the champion of the Premiere Futsal League in 2001 and 2002.

Esteghlal Tehran FSC
Full nameEsteghlal Tehran Futsal Club
Dissolved2008 [1]




The table below chronicles the achievements of the Club in various competitions.

Season League Position Notes
2000–01 Premiere Futsal League 1st
2001–02 Premiere Futsal League 1st
2002–03 Premiere Futsal League 2nd
2003–04 Futsal Super League 7th
2004–05 Futsal Super League 12th
2005–06 Futsal Super League 11th
2007–08 Futsal Super League 9th
2008–09 Futsal Super League disqualification from the league before the beginning [3]


  Ahmad Taheri [4]
  Mohammad Reza Heidarian[5]


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