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Erramatti Mangamma (≥74 years) is currently the oldest living mother in the world after delivering twin babies.[1] On 5 September 2019, she became the world's oldest living mother to give birth to a child at the age of 74. The record for being the oldest mother in the world was held by Daljinder Kaur who gave birth to a baby boy at the age of 72.[2]

Erramatti Mangamma
Erramatti Mangamma

Known forcurrently world's oldest mother
Spouse(s)Raja Rao (m. 1962)


Erramatti Mangamma married Raja Rao in 1962 in Andhra Pradesh. However, according to the reports, the couple couldn't deliver a baby child for a long time.[3]


The couple are believed to have consulted several doctors for a long time and finally, they gave birth to twins after consulting a village doctor Shanakkalaya Umashankar in November 2018.[4] The couple delivered twin baby girls for the first time after their marriage in 1962.[5] Erramatti delivered her twin babies on 5 September 2019 after being conceived through the process of in-vitro fertilisation via caesarean in Guntur town of Hyderabad. In fact, she also became the oldest mother to give birth to twins.[6]

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