Eric I, Count of Hoya

Eric I, Count of Hoya (1370-1426) was a German nobleman. He was the ruling Count of Upper Hoya from 1377 until his death.

Eric I, Count of Hoya
Noble familyHouse of Hoya
Spouse(s)Helen of Brunswick-Lüneburg
FatherJohn II, Count of Hoya
MotherHelen of Saxe-Lauenburg


Eric was the son of Count John II and his wife Helen, a daughter of Duke Eric I of Saxe-Lauenburg. His brother, John was Bishop of Paderborn from 1394 to 1399 and Bishop of Hildesheim from 1399 to 1424. His brother Otto was Bishop of Münster from 1392 to 1424, and from 1410 to 1424 also administrator of Osnabrück

Eric inherited Upper Hoya in 1377. He expanded the county to the south, at the expense of the Bishopric of Minden. In 1383, he built a castle at Diepenau. Bishop Wittekind II of Minden destroyed this castle a short time later. He also destroyed the village of Uchte and its castle. Eric retaliated by destroying Fischer, a suburb of Minden. He reconquered Diepenau and Uchte and rebuilt the castles.

He expanded the county further by purchasing manors.

Marriage and issueEdit

In 1390, Eric married Helen, a daughter of Duke Magnus II Torquatus of Brunswick-Lüneburg. The marriage produced six children:


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