Equestrian at the 1924 Summer Olympics – Individual eventing

One of the competitions in equestrian at the 1924 Summer Olympics was the individual eventing. The rules only allowed military officers to join the competition. From the results of the individual eventing, a team event was compiled.[1]

Individual eventing
at the Games of the VIII Olympiad
VenueStade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir
Dates21–26 July
Competitors44 from 13 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Adolph van der Voort van Zijp
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Frode Kirkebjerg
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Sloan Doak
 United States
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1928 →

Individual eventEdit

The individual eventing was divided into three parts: dressage (10% of the total score), field (70%) and jumping (20%). The field was again divided into public road, steeple chase (4 km) and cross country (8 km).

In the first event, dressage, the Dutch riders were the best, and they took the top four spots. Colenbrander ranked first, followed by Adolph van der Voort van Zijp.

The field competition was chaotic. After the race, the Dutch team saw that Van der Voort van Zijp was ranked 27th, and they complained. The organisation then discovered that they had mixed up the scores, and that Van der Voort van Zijp had actually finished second in the field competition. In the overall competition, he was now leading.

In the jumping competition, Van der Voort van Zijp made no mistakes, so he kept the first position and won the event.[2]


Place Rider Score
    Adolf van der Voort van Zijp (NED) 1976.0
    Frode Kirkebjerg (DEN) 1853.5
    Sloan Doak (USA) 1845.5
4   Charles Pahud de Mortanges (NED) 1828.0
5   Claës König (SWE) 1730.0
6   Edward de Fonblanque (GBR) 1728.5
  Baudouin de Brabandère (BEL) 1728.5
8   Frank Carr (USA) 1727.0
9   Torsten Sylvan (SWE) 1678.0
10   Karol Rómmel (POL) 1648.5
11   Alberto Lombardi (ITA) 1572.0
12   Alessandro Alvisi (ITA) 1536.0
13   Gerard de Kruijff (NED) 1493.5
14   Hans Bühler (SUI) 1477.5
15   Charles Stoffel (SUI) 1466.0
16   Jules Bonvalet (BEL) 1428.0
17   Emanuele Beraudo Di Pralormo (ITA) 1404.5
18   Werner Fehr (SUI) 1395.0
19   Keith Hervey (GBR) 1354.0
20   Gustaf Hagelin (SWE) 1335.5
21   Joseph Fallon (BEL) 1077.0
22   Alec Tod (GBR) 982.0
23   Kazimierz Szosland (POL) 964.5
24   Kazimierz de Rostwo-Suski (POL) 958.5
25   Antonius Colenbrander (NED) 952.5
26   Tadeusz Komorowski (POL) 929.0
27   Léon Nossent (BEL) 924.0
28   René de Ribeaupierre (SUI) 904.5
29   Philip Bowden-Smith (GBR) 878.0
30   Michel Artola (FRA) 737.0
31   Vladimir Stoychev (BUL) 533.5
32   Josef Charous (TCH) 359.5
  John Barry (USA) Did not finish
  Camille de Sartiges (FRA) Did not finish
  Lars Ehrnrooth (FIN) Did not finish
  Bedřich John (TCH) Did not finish
  Charles Jacques Le Vavasseur (FRA) Did not finish
  Krum Lekarski (BUL) Did not finish
  Tommaso Lequio di Assaba (ITA) Did not finish
  Carl Gustaf Lewenhaupt (SWE) Did not finish
  Vernon Padgett (USA) Did not finish
  Matěj Pechman (TCH) Did not finish
  Léon Rigon (FRA) Did not finish
  František Statečný (TCH) Did not finish


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