Torsten Sylvan

Carl Torsten Leopold Sylvan (28 January 1895 – 26 April 1970) was a Swedish Army officer and horse rider who competed in the 1924 Summer Olympics.[1] He and his horse Anita finished ninth in the individual eventing and won a silver medal with the Swedish eventing team.[2][3]

Torsten Sylvan
Torsten Sylvan SOK.jpg
Personal information
Born28 January 1895
Visby, Sweden
Died26 April 1970 (aged 75)
Stockholm, Sweden
SportHorse riding
ClubIng2 IF, Eksjö
Medal record
Representing  Sweden
Olympic Games
Silver medal – second place 1924 Paris Team eventing

Sylvan became major in the reserve in 1940.[4]

Awards and decorationsEdit


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