Equal Vision Records

Equal Vision Records is an independent record label based in Albany, New York. Equal Vision Records was founded in the early 1990s by Ray Cappo, singer for the bands Youth of Today, Shelter, and Better Than a Thousand.

Equal Vision Records
Founded1990 (1990)
FounderRay Cappo
Distributor(s)RED (United States)
UNFD (Australia/New Zealand)
GenrePunk rock, alternative rock, hardcore punk, experimental rock
Country of originUnited States
LocationAlbany, New York
Official websitewww.equalvision.com

The label originally existed solely to distribute Shelter and other Krishna releases. In 1992, label manager Steve Reddy bought Equal Vision from Cappo. The focus was expanded and a wider variety of bands were brought on board. According to Punk News,[1] The mid-to-late '90s saw a redoubling of the Equal Vision's hardcore efforts with such signings as One King Down and Ten Yard Fight. By the end of the '90s Equal Vision Records (EVR) had a stable of hardcore and punk bands, having added Bane, Trial, Converge and Saves the Day to its roster in the latter part of the decade.

Sublabels and distributionEdit

In July 2009 EVR created a sub-label named Mantralogy. This sub-label will feature bands that "deliver edgy, Krishna-conscious music."[2]

In 2012 EVR artist Max Bemis (of Say Anything) created an imprint label named Rory Records, distributed by EVR. On June 19, it was announced that Equal Vision Records and Casey Crescenzo of the Dear Hunter would be forming a partnership. Casey has been given his own imprint label: Cave & Canary Goods.

EVR switched back its distribution of physical and digital releases in the US to RED Distribution since January 23, 2012,[3] after many years with Alternative Distribution Alliance. In May 2013, EVR ink a partnership with UNFD to manufacture, promote and distribute EVR releases in Australia and New Zealand.[4] Prior to the partnership, EVR has shared several artist with UNFD for distribution in both coverages, such as Say Anything, We Came as Romans and House Vs. Hurricane.

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