Emperor Xiangzong of Western Xia

Emperor Xiangzong 襄宗 (1170–1211), born Li Anquan 李安全, was the 7th emperor of the Western Xia (reigned 1206–1211).

Emperor Xiangzong of Western Xia
Emperor of the Western Xia dynasty
PredecessorEmperor Huanzong
SuccessorEmperor Shenzong
BornLi Anquan (李安全)
Died1211 (aged 40–41)
Posthumous name
Emperor Jingmu (敬慕皇帝)
Temple name
Xiangzong (襄宗)


Li Anquan was a nephew of the Emperor Renzong. After the death of his father, Renyou, Li Anquan requested Huanzong to allow him inherit father's title. After Huanzong disagreed and bestowed upon him a title of Prince of Zhenyi commandery (镇夷郡王), Li Anquan has been harbouring an intention to seize the imperial throne. Emperor Xiangzong came into power after a coup d'état with his first cousin Huanzong's birth mother, Empress Luo against Huanzong. Many historians regarded him as incompetent. Xiangzong attacked the Jin Empire, destroying the years of peace between these two countries. He tried to become an ally of the Mongol Empire, but Genghis Khan regarded Western Xia as a roadblock to China and repeatedly invaded Western Xia. In 1211, Xiangzong's nephew Lǐ Zūnxū initiated a coup d'état against Xiangzong and took power. Xiangzong died a month later.


Father: Li Renyou (李仁友), Prince of Yue (越王)

Consorts and issue:


  1. Princess Chaha (察哈公主). Married Genghis Khan in 1209.