Ellingråsa Lighthouse

Ellingråsa Lighthouse (Norwegian: Ellingråsa fyrstasjon) is a lighthouse that is located on the island of Bjørøya in the Folda sea in the municipality of Flatanger in Trøndelag county, Norway. The lighthouse was completed in 1888 to replace the old Villa Lighthouse which closed in 1890. Ellingråsa Lighthouse was automated in 1959.[1]

Ellingråsa Lighthouse
Ellingråsa fyrstasjon
LocationTrøndelag, Norway
Coordinates64°34′28.2″N 10°48′02.8″E / 64.574500°N 10.800778°E / 64.574500; 10.800778
Constructed1888 (first)
Height5.7 metres (19 ft)
ShapeCylindrical tower
MarkingsWhite with red top
OperatorEllingråsa Lighthouse Lodge
First lit2001 (current)
Deactivated2001 (first)
Focal height20.5 metres (67 ft)
RangeRed: 5.5 nmi (10.2 km; 6.3 mi)

Green: 5.1 nmi (9.4 km; 5.9 mi)

White: 7.5 nmi (13.9 km; 8.6 mi)
CharacteristicFl (2) WRG 5s
Norway no.509100

The 5.7-metre (19 ft) tall tower emits a white, red or green light (depending on direction), flashing twice every five seconds. The light can be seen for up to 7.5 nmi (13.9 km; 8.6 mi) away. The tower sits right next to the old Ellingråsa Lighthouse building which was closed in 2001.[2][3]

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