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Elina Madison is an American actress, writer and producer.[1][2][3][4][5]

Elina Madison
BornSeptember 27, 1976
ResidenceLos Angeles
Occupationactress, writer, and producer
Known forScream Queen
ChildrenLillian Trow


Early lifeEdit

Elina was born on September 27, 1976 in Sioux City, Iowa and showed a passion for acting at a very young age and knew early on that she was going to be an actress. At the age of 17, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career. Elina graduated the two-year theater training program at the Joanne Baron/DW Brown Acting Studio in Santa Monica, California. She also studied at The Stella Adler Academy and The Groundlings Comedy and later with Susan Strasberg. With her unique looks born from her Mexican/Spanish/Norwegian/Czech heritage, she was signed by the prestigious Elite Model Agency and began a career as an international fashion model. Elina walked the runways for Calvin Klein, Krizia in fashion shows in Paris, Japan as well as New York and Los Angeles.[6][1][3][7][8]


Elina made her film debut in the Tom Hanks film That Thing You Do (1996) in the role of Carlita the Go-Go Dancer. Noted director Zalman King ( 9 ½ Weeks) saw Elina and cast her as one of the leads in the film "Shame, Shame, Shame" as well as the long-running series The Red Show Diaries.

Elina began working associations with noted horror film producers John Carl Buechler and Creep Creepersin, appearing in such films as the remake of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as well as producing and starring in Corporate Cut Throat Massacre and the classic Creepshow 3.[9] Other notable television credits include guest star roles on the ABC television series Brothers and Sisters and opposite James Caan on the NBC series Las Vegas. Other reoccurring roles on Untold Stories of the ER, Mystery ER, National Geographic, Nickelodeon and The Discovery Channel with over 100 credits on her resume.[10]

Elina next worked with legendary director David Lynch on the Academy Award nominated film "Mulholland Drive" starring Naomi Watts and Justin Theroux.[11] Other notable independent film projects include Small Town Saturday Night opposite Chris Pine (Star Trek) and Academy Award nominee John Hawkes.

In the year 2012, M. Madison appeared in the films Barracuda, Huff starring Charlie O'Connell and the comedy Halloween Party.[4][12] She also stars in Creep Creepersin’s Dracula and the thriller film The Black Tape. Elina continues to model and is now one of the faces for the new clothing line T.I.T.T.L.[2][13][14]


  • Creep Creepersin's Dracula (post-production) as Francine (2013)
  • Huff (completed) as Lorelei (2012) [12][14]
  • Blood Relatives – The Ties That Bind (TV Series) as Susan Montemayor (2012)
  • The Brides of Sodom as Leda (2012)
  • Night and Day (short) as Jessica (2011)
  • Storyteller of Terror as Alicia Walker (2011)
  • Chop as Tommy (2011)
  • Killer Outbreaks (TV series) as Karen neal cdc (2011)
  • Halloween Party as Cave Girl (2011)
  • Ding Dong Dead as Claudia (2011)
  • The Girl with No Number as Connie Mallory (2011)
  • Spark Riders as Madison Conner (2010)
  • Orgy of Blood as The Woman Who Isn't Her Mother (2010)
  • 1000 Ways to Die (TV series) as Tiffany (2010)
  • Ripped Memories as Elenita (2010)[15]
  • Barracuda as Lisa (2010)[16]
  • Small Town Saturday Night as Angie Francis (2010)
  • The Corporate Cut Throat Massacre as Brandi Babcock (2009)[11]
  • Caged Lesbos A-Go-Go as Jesscia Franco (2009)
  • Your Kid Ate What? (TV series) as Nurse (2009)
  • Minty: The Assassin as Minty (2009) [17]
  • Someone's Knocking at the Door as Wilma Hopper (2009)
  • The Finest Hour as Kitt (2009)
  • Chrysalis as Solda (2008)
  • From a Place of Darkness as Tall hooker (2008)
  • Kissing Cousins as Stacy the Meter Maid (2008)
  • Murder by the Book (TV series documentary) as Judy (2007)
  • Devil Girl as Edie (2007)
  • The Metrosexual as Brie the Dancer (2007)
  • Brothers & Sisters (TV series) as Stephanie Jones-Reed (2007)
  • Stand Up as Jen (2007)
  • Look @ Me as lead female Tina (2006)[18]
  • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as Cindy Shivers (2006)
  • The Eden Formula (TV movie) as Connie (2006)
  • Black Tie Nights (TV series) as Allison (2004)
  • Galaxy Hunter as Monica (2004)


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