Electoral district of Warwick

Warwick was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Queensland from 1860 to 2001. It centred on the town of Warwick.[1]

QueenslandLegislative Assembly
NamesakeWarwick, Queensland

The electorate was represented by two Premiers: Arthur Morgan and Thomas Joseph Byrnes. It was also the seat of former Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg.

Members for WarwickEdit

Member Party Term
  St. George Richard Gore 1860–1862
  John Gore Jones 1862–1863
  Arnold Wienholt, Sr. 1863–1867
  George Clark 1867–1868
  Edmond Thornton 1868–1870
  James Morgan 1870–1871
  Charles Clark 1871–1873
  James Morgan 1873–1878
  Jacob Horwitz Liberal 1878–1887
  Arthur Morgan Independent 1887–1890
  Opposition 1890–1896
  Thomas Joseph Byrnes Ministerial 1896–1898
  Arthur Morgan Ministerial 1898–1903
  Liberal 1903–1906
  Thomas O'Sullivan Liberal 1906–1907
  Kidstonites 1907–1908
  George Powell Barnes Farmers' Rep. 1908–1909
  Liberal 1909–1917
  National 1917–1922
  United 1922–1925
  Country and Progressive National 1925–1935
  John Healy Labor 1935–1947
  Otto Madsen Country 1947–1963
  David Cory Country 1963–1975
National Country 1975–1977
  Des Booth National Country 1977–1982
National 1982–1992
  Lawrence Springborg National 1992–2001

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