Electoral districts of Queensland

This is a list of current and former electoral divisions for the Legislative Assembly of Queensland, the state legislature for Queensland, Australia.

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The separation of Queensland as a separate colony in 1859 lead to the establishment of an initial 16 electoral districts, returning 26 members (that is, some elected multiple representatives, number of members in parentheses):[1][2]

Members elected during this period:


In 1864, the Additional Members Act created six more electoral districts, each with 1 member,[1][2] resulting in the following set of electorates (number of members in parentheses):

This made a total of 22 electorates with 32 members.

Members elected for this period:


The Electoral Districts Act (1872) resulted in 42 one-member electorates for the 1873 election, while in 1875 the Cook District Representation Act added the Electoral district of Cook.[1][2]

Four electorates were renamed:

Two electorates were abolished:

Twenty-two new electorates were introduced at the 1873 elections (by the 1872 Act) plus Cook in 1876, resulting in the following set of electorates (number of members shown in parentheses) :

So 22 electorates with 2 abolished and 22 introduced resulted in 42 electorates each returning 1 member (1873) and 43 electorates each returning 1 member (1876).

Members elected during this period:


Districts redistributed or renamed 1878 to 1900


Districts redistributed or renamed between 1901 and 1949


Districts redistributed or renamed between 1950 and 2017


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