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Ein Tamar (Hebrew: עֵין תָּמָר‬, lit. Date Palm Spring) is a moshav in the northern Arava valley in Israel. Located south of the Dead Sea, it falls under the jurisdiction of Tamar Regional Council. In 2016 Ein Tamar had a population of 190.[1]

Ein Tamar
עֵין תָּמָר
EinTamar quarter.jpg
Ein Tamar is located in Israel
Ein Tamar
Ein Tamar
Coordinates: 30°56′31.2″N 35°22′18.83″E / 30.942000°N 35.3718972°E / 30.942000; 35.3718972Coordinates: 30°56′31.2″N 35°22′18.83″E / 30.942000°N 35.3718972°E / 30.942000; 35.3718972
District Southern
Council Tamar
Affiliation Agricultural Union
Founded 1982
Population (2016)[1] 190
Name meaning Date Palm Spring


Ein Tamar was established in August 1982 by 24 families. The biblical village of Tamar mentioned in Ezekiel 47:19 is probably located in the Hatzeva Fortress near Ir Ovot. Ein Tamar and the neighboring village of Neot HaKikar are among the country's most remote places, forty minutes away from the nearest city, Dimona. Most of the residents of Ein Tamar earn their livelihood from agriculture. Peppers and melons the most popular crops.[2]


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