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1962 map showing Ebute Metta in the south.
A house in Ebute Metta.

Ebute Metta is a neighbourhood of Lagos Mainland, Lagos, in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Ebute Metta Sign-post


Ebute Metta, whose current orthographic spelling is Ebute Meta is a Yoruba word for a place known as three shores.[1] Ebute means shore and meta means three.


Ebute Metta is divided into two, namely Ebute Metta West and Ebute Metta East, and is known for the production and sale of local food and cloths. It is a very old part of Lagos, many of its houses were built during the colonial era, using Brazilian architecture. The area includes the St Jude's church and school, African Salem church/school, the Salvation Army church, the Mainland hotel and Coca cola Bottling company inside the same compound at Ebute Metta East, the G. Cappa Construction Company at Iddo Ebute Metta East, costain Construction Company at Costain Ebute Metta West, Living Stone Academy, Oroku Primary School, St Paul and St Peter in the same Compound, Ijero Girls High School, MaryWood Girl, Jubril Martins Memorial Grammar School as School 1, Jubril martins grammar School as School 2, Iponri Grammar School as School 3 and Ebute Metta High School as School 4 all is located in Ebute Metta West which have been taking over by the Missionary except for Ijero Girls and Marrywood and Oroku Primary School, and in the Eastern Part of Ebute Metta we have Denton Grammar School at Denton Street, Ebute Metta Primary School at Abeokuta Street by Bola Street, Herbert Macaulay Grammar School formerly known as Herbert Macaulay Girls and many other popular Schools that are of History now. The imposing Lisabi Hall leads to the Okobaba area with its lagoon background, Centre playing Field, Okobaba Football Field, Idiaba Football Field and so on.


Ebute Metta has a number of notable buildings including the Nigerian Railway Corporation headquarters, post office, St Paul's Catholic Church, the Oyingbo Market, a major bus terminal, Foucos Secondary School (a school built by the former minister for education), St. Saviour's School,[2] Junior Strides Academy, Ajayi Memorial Hospital, Ebute Metta Health Centre,[3][4] and shops of all types. Ebute Metta is divided into two main areas: East and West.


Ebute Metta is a main access route linking mainland Lagos to the three main islands of Victoria, Ikoyi and Lagos Island. A major network of fly overs and access roads connects these various parts of Lagos as you drive through the Iddo peninsula.


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Coordinates: 6°28′20″N 3°22′50″E / 6.47222°N 3.38056°E / 6.47222; 3.38056

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