East Darfur State (Arabic: ولاية شرق دارفور Wilāyat Šarq Dārfūr; Sharq Darfur) is one of the states of Sudan, and one of five comprising the Darfur region. It was created in January 2012 as a result of the ongoing peace process for the wider Darfur region.[1] The state capital is Ed Daein. The state was formed from land that was part of the state of South Darfur.

East Darfur State
ولاية شرق دارفور
Sharq Darfur
Official seal of East Darfur State
Location in Sudan
Location in Sudan
Country Sudan
CapitalEd Daein
 • GovernorAnas Omar
Time zoneUTC+2 (CAT)


  • ad-Du'ain
  • Abu Jabra
  • Abu Karinka
  • Adila
  • Assalaya
  • Bahr el Arab
  • El Ferdous
  • Yassin
  • Schearia


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Coordinates: 11°10′N 26°30′E / 11.167°N 26.500°E / 11.167; 26.500