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Duki District, Pakistan

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Dukki (Urdu: دُکّی ‎), is a district in the Balochistan province of Pakistan.[1] It is located at an altitude of 1092 metres (3585 feet).[2] It is sub-divided into many Union Councils mainly Vialla Duki, Zangal Rabat, Sadar, Civil Station, Nasarbad, Thal, Luni and Nan Sahib Ziarat. Its main revenue comes from agriculture and natural resources.Its main revenue comes from agriculture and natural resources. Being a tribal society it has four main tribes: Tareen, Luni, Sargarh(Kakar) and Nasar and Shadozai . Tribal feud in the past 10 years between two main tribes of Tareen and Nasar has vitiated the once peaceful atmosphere. The prominent tribal heads of Duki are sardar saif ullah jan lasiani spin tareen Sardar Masoom Khan Tareen,Sardar Yaqoob Khan Nasar, Sardar Masood Khan Luni, Haji Bilal Khan Tareen and Malak Aslam Shadozai of shadozai tribe.

Duki is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 30°05′N 68°20′E / 30.09°N 68.34°E / 30.09; 68.34
Country Pakistan
DivisionZhob Division
1,092 m (3,583 ft)
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)

In addition, Duki is one of the least developed districts of Pakistan, not only lagging behind in terms of development, but also due to its poor health facilities. It is the only district where two polio cases were reported in 2018. The district has a senator (senator Yaqoob Nasar), a member of national assembly (Muhammad Israr Tareen) and member of provincial assembly (Sardar Masood Ali Khan Luni). Duki was made district in 2016 and its sub divisions are Thal,Nana Sahib Ziarat and Luni.


The literacy rate is 30% of the total population while female literacy rate is below 10%.

Revenue record reveals that Duki is the only subdivision in entire Zhob Division that is a settled area. Duki also happens to be the hottest place in the entire administrative division. Duki has also gained fame as a major coal deposit.