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Duke Zao of Qin (Chinese: 秦躁公; pinyin: Qín Zào Gōng, died 429 BC) was from 442 to 429 BC the 23rd ruler of the Zhou Dynasty Chinese state of Qin that eventually united China to become the Qin Dynasty. His ancestral name was Ying (), and Duke Zao was his posthumous title. Duke Zao succeeded his father Duke Ligong of Qin, who died in 443 BC, as ruler of Qin.[1][2]

Duke Zao of Qin
Ruler of Qin
Reign442–429 BC
PredecessorDuke Ligong of Qin
SuccessorDuke Huai of Qin
Died429 BC
HouseHouse of Ying
FatherDuke Ligong of Qin

In 441 BC, the Qin city of Nanzheng (in present-day Hanzhong) rebelled. In 430 BC, the Rong state of Yiqu invaded Qin, advancing to the Wei River.[1][2]

Duke Zao reigned for fourteen years and died in 429 BC. He was succeeded by his younger brother Duke Huai of Qin, who had been exiled in the State of Jin.[1][2]


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Duke Zao of Qin
 Died: 429 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Duke Ligong of Qin
Duke of Qin
442–429 BC
Succeeded by
Duke Huai of Qin