Doug Chapman (stuntman)

Doug Chapman is a stunt coordinator, stunt performer and actor, a member of Stunts Canada,[1] who works in film and television.

Doug Chapman
BornDecember 27
Other namesDouglas Chapman
OccupationStunt performer, stunt double, actor, stunt co-ordinator
Years active1996–present


He graduated in 1994 from the California State University, Chico with a Bachelor of Arts in Information and Communication Design in Media Arts.

He grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


He has been a stunt double for Kurt Russell, Robert Englund and Christian Slater. He worked on TV shows from The X-Files to Smallville, and films from I, Robot to 300. He has also performed stunts for many commercials, including precision driving for commercials for Honda and Chrysler. Notable acting roles include Sergeant Cole in Stargate Atlantis and Roy Chess in Watchmen.

Chapman was uncredited for a stunt in the Smallville episode "Splinter", where he was a stunt double for James Marsters. In the DVD commentary, Marsters says of Chapman, "...he was supposed to just land on top of the thing and the wine case and then slowly go down, and he got sent straight through it...that was such a nasty gag... but he was fine man, he's a pro."[2]

In the film Watchmen, Doug performed the first ever bare-skin burn stunt performance in a feature film.[3] In a production video diary on the film website showing some of the preparation for the stunt, Doug quips to the camera, "It's not a good week unless you burn at least a couple of times."[4]

Doug's character in the Industry Works's film Toxin by Tom Raycove - Lt. John Paxton - features as the perspective of a first-person shooter game for smartphones, Toxin: Zombie Annihilation - made by DisruptedLogic.[5]

Chapman's fire burn live on stage at the 2007 World Stunt Awards was used as a front page banner for the 2014 website.[6]

Award nominationsEdit

He was nominated for a Taurus World Stunt Award for Best Fire Stunt in 2004[7] for a stunt performed for the film Freddy vs. Jason (2003). He doubled for Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger in a full body burn and wire stunt. In the DVD production commentaries, Englund said of him, "I've a great stunt double on this, and Doug's really making me look good."[8]

He was nominated for a Leo Award in 2013 for Best Stunt Coordination in a Motion Picture for Assault on Wall Street.[9]


Year Film Role
1996 Streetgun Warehouse Worker #2
Stunt performer
Carpool Stunt performer
Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?' Stunt performer
1997 Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story Klaus Dibiasi
Stunt performer
Viper: Out From Oblivion Simpkins
Silencing Mary Stunt Double for Kirby Morrow
1998 Voyage of Terror Stunt performer
Misbegotten Stunt performer
Wrongfully Accused Stunt performer
Disturbing Behaviour Stunt performer
Rupert's Land Stunt performer
Futuresport Stunt performer
Don't Look Down Stunt double for Terry Kinney
Perfect Little Angels Stunt performer
The Outer Limits: To Tell the Truth Stunt double for Gregory Harrison
1999 Fatal Error Stunt double for David Lewis
Can of Worms Stunt performer
Atomic Train Stunt performer
Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby Stunt performer
Y2K Stunt performer
2000 Mission to Mars stunt double for Peter Outerbridge
Trixie stunt double for Dermont Mulroney
Scary Movie Stunt performer
The Man Who Used to Be Me stunt double for William Devane
Blood Stunt performer
Just Deal Stunt performer
2001 The Stickup' Stunt performer
Valentine Stunt performer
Head Over Heels Stunt performer
Los Luchadores Stunt double
3000 Miles To Graceland Stunt double for Kurt Russell
Mindstorm Stunt performer
Love and Treason Stunt performer
Along Came a Spider Stunt double for Michael Wincott
Replicant stunt double for Michael Rooker
Class Warfare Stunt performer
Return to Cabin by the Lake Stunt performer
Dark Water Truck driver
Out Cold Stunt performer
2002 My Brother's Keeper Stunt performer
Dead in a Heartbeat Stunt performer
Greenmail Stunt performer
Dead Heat Stunt performer
Extreme Ops Stunt double for Devon Sawa
Jeremiah: Things Left Unsaid stunt double for Alex Zahara
2003 Final Destination 2 Stunt performer
House of the Dead Stunt performer
John Doe: Psychic Connection Uniformed Cop
Agent Cody Banks Stunt performer
The Core Stunt double for Tcheky Karyo
X2 Stunt performer
Freddy vs. Jason Stunt double for Robert Englund
Elf Stunt performer
Scary Movie 3 Stunt performer
Smallville: Magnetic Deputy
Paycheck Stunt performer
2004 The Thing Below Stunt performer
The Collector: The Ice Skater Stunt performer
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed Stunt performer
Walking Tall Stunt double for Ryan Robbins
10.5 Stunt performer
The Chronicles of Riddick Stunt performer
The Collector: The Prosecutor Guard #1
White Chicks Stunt performer
I, Robot Stunt performer
Catwoman Stunt performer
The Dead Zone: Speak Now Angry husband of bridesmaid
2005 Smallville: Splinter Stunt double for James Marsters
Smallville: Lexmas Stunt double for Kenneth Welsh
Blade: Trinity Stunt performer
Alone In The Dark Stunt double for Christian Slater
Fantastic Four Stunt performer
Chaos Stunt double for Jason Statham
2006 Underworld: Evolution Stunt double for John Mann
Stargate Atlantis: Michael Sergeant Cole
A Little Thing Called Murder Stunt coordinator
Scary Movie 4 Stunt performer
X-Men: The Last Stand Stunt performer
Snakes on a Plane Stunt performer
Fido Stunt double
300 Stunt performer
2007 In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale Stunt double for Jason Statham
Code Name: The Cleaner Stunt performer
Agent #2
Painkiller Jane: Toy Soldiers Federal Agent
Seed Stunt performer
Guard #3
Traveler: The Tells Murden
Battle in Seattle Stunt double for Martin Henderson
Martian Child Stunt performer
Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Stunt performer
2008 Ace of Hearts Stunt coordinator
Shred Stunt coordinator
stunt performer (snowmobile driver)
The Day the Earth Stood Still Stunt performer
Army medic
The Betrayed Henchman
Beyond Loch Ness Stunt double for Paul McGillion
The Andromeda strain Stunt performer
Far Cry Stunt performer, Mercenary Russell
2009 Watchmen Stunt coordinator (Canada)
Roy Chess
Stunt double for Stephen McHattie
Stunt performer
I Love You Beth Cooper Stunt double for Jared Keeso
Merlin and the Book of Beasts Stunt performer - guard #1
Fireball Stunt double
Rampage stunt performer (police officer)
Defying Gravity stunt performer
Revenge of the Boarding School Dropouts Stunt coordinator
2nd Unit Director
stunt performer (snowboard rep)
Case 39 stunt performer (dock worker, rescue diver)
The Hole Normal Dad
V (2009 TV series) V Guard
Stunt double for Scott Wolf
stunt performer
2010 Hot Tub Time Machine Stunt coordinator
Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball Agent O'Keefe
Life Unexpected Stunt coordinator (cover days)
Inception Stunt performer
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Stunt performer
2011 Final Destination 5 Stunt performer (driver)
Somnolence[10] Canterra
Rise of the Planet of the Apes Stunt performer (Military police)
Stunt coordinator (cover days)
Doomsday Prophecy Military officer
2012 Toxin[11] Lt. John Paxton
Dawn Rider Chase
Shadowplay Specialist
Stunt coordinator
True Justice Stunt coordinator, Stunt actor, stunt double
Arrow Stunt performer (27 episodes 2012-14)
Hell on Wheels Stunt performer
Continuum BS Cop #2
Earth's Final Hours Agent
2013 Assault on Wall Street Stunt Coordinator
Arrow Stunt driver (2 episodes)
2013-2015 Motive Stunt Coordinator (33 episodes)
Dr Hanlon
Bryce Conroy
2015 Hadwin's Judgement Grant Hadwin
2016 Star Trek Beyond Sir Olden


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