Dominion Exhibition

The Dominion Exhibition was an exhibition held annually in Canada from 1879 to 1913. Every year the federal government awarded the role of host of the exhibition to one of the country's larger fairs.[1]

Dominion Exhibition
Official Inauguration of the Dominion Exhibition by His Excellency the Governor-General.jpg
Official Inauguration of the Dominion Exhibition in Montreal in 1880 by the Governor General, The Marquess of Lorne
Location(s)Various locations across Canada
Years active34

The first exhibition was held in Ottawa in 1879, and the final exhibition was held in Brandon, Manitoba in 1913. The outbreak of the First World War meant no exhibition was held in 1914, and the event was not revived after the war.

The "Dominion Exhibition Display Building II" in Brandon, a wooden building purpose-built for the 1913 exhibition, was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1999 as it is the only known surviving building constructed for the Dominion Exhibition.[2]



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