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Rank Change Team Points
1 Steady  Australia 470
2 Steady  Austria 424
3 Steady  England 410
4 Steady  Italy 377
5 Steady  Malaysia 340
6 Steady  Wales 313
7 Steady  Northern Ireland 298
8 Steady  United States 290
9 Steady  Egypt 240
10 Steady  Scotland 219
11 Steady  Ireland 186
12 Steady  Honduras 167
13 Steady  Singapore 154
14 Steady  Slovenia 133
15 Steady  South Africa 110
16 Steady  Canada 110
17 Steady  India 71
18 Steady  Philippines 71
19 Steady  Pakistan 71
20 Steady  Iran 71

World Ranking points are awarded to member nations based purely on their final position at recognised international tournaments. These events include, World Cup qualifiers, the World Cup and World Invitational. Each category (men’s, women’s and mixed) will have their own rankings system.

How It WorksEdit

The WDA World Rankings system is similar in vein to the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), whereby points are based on tournament rankings, as opposed to other international sports ranking systems such as the ICC Test Championship for cricket, that is based on both individual matches and the results of series, or the FIFA World Rankings for football, that is based solely on individual matches.


National team rankings are built on a eight-year performance. Following the eight-year cycle, the new year of results will override the first year of the cycle, to be included in the rankings system. Meaning, only results within the four-year bracket will be included in the points system. WDA World Ranking Points Formula World Cup (Men, Women, Mixed): 1st – 240 points 2nd – 220 points Last Place – 120 points World Cup Qualifiers (Men, Women, Mixed): 1st – 120 points 2nd – 110 points Last Place – 20 points World Invitational (Men, Women, Mixed): 1st – 110 points 2nd – 100 points Last Place – 10 points The points awarded after 2rd place are spread evenly, in an attempt to ensure balance between international tournaments with different-sized fields. For instance, finishing 3rd out of 10 teams is considered to be a higher accomplishment than finishing 3rd out of 6 teams. Given that points are not fixed beyond 2nd place, a calculation is used to determine how many points are awarded for each position. The calculation gives the difference between any two consecutive positions from 2nd through to last.[1][2]

Notes and referencesEdit