Dodgeball currently has two governing bodies, The World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF) with 87 member nations and World Dodgeball Association (WDA) with 62 national federations. The following information is for the WDA:

WDA World Ranking[1] points are awarded to member nations[2] who are part of the WDA based purely on their final position at recognized international tournaments.This does not include WDBF rankings. These events include, WDA World Cup qualifiers, the World Championship and World Invitational. Each category (men's, women's and mixed) will have their own rankings system.

Rank Change Men's Team Points
1 Steady  Egypt 670
2 Steady  Malaysia 566
3 Steady  United States 256.65
4 Steady  Australia 240
5 Steady  Hong Kong 196
6 Steady  Singapore 173.75
7 Increase 10  Italy 117.73
8 Steady  South Africa 110
8 Decrease 2  Canada 110
10 Decrease 1  Japan 87.5
11 Steady  Philippines 76.25
11 Steady  Brunei 76.25
11 Decrease 1  Iran 76.25
14 Decrease 1  Pakistan 31.25
14 Decrease 1  India 31.25
16 Increase 1   Switzerland 29
Rank Change Women's Team Points
1 Steady  Australia 470
2 Steady  Italy 376.66
3 Steady  Malaysia 340
4 Steady  United States 289.99
5 Steady  Egypt 240
6 Steady  Hong Kong 167.14
7 Steady  Singapore 154.29
8 Steady  South Africa 110
8 Steady  Canada 110
10 Steady  Philippines 71.43
10 Steady  Pakistan 71.43
10 Steady  India 71.43
10 Steady  Iran 71.43
14 Steady   Switzerland 50
15 Steady  Brunei 20

How It Works edit

The WDA's World Ranking points are awarded to member nations based purely on their final position at recognised international tournaments. These events include, World Cup qualifiers, the World Cup and World Invitational. Each category (men’s, women’s and mixed) will have their own rankings system.

Calculations edit

National team rankings are built on an eight-year performance. Following the eight-year cycle, the new year of results will override the first year of the cycle, to be included in the rankings system. Meaning, only results within the four-year bracket will be included in the points system. WDA World Ranking Points Formula World Cup (Men, Women, Mixed): 1st – 240 points 2nd – 220 points Last Place – 120 points World Cup Qualifiers (Men, Women, Mixed): 1st – 120 points 2nd – 110 points Last Place – 20 points World Invitational (Men, Women, Mixed): 1st – 110 points 2nd – 100 points Last Place – 10 points The points awarded after 2nd place are spread evenly, in an attempt to ensure balance between international tournaments with different-sized fields. For instance, finishing 3rd out of 10 teams is considered to be a higher accomplishment than finishing 3rd out of 6 teams. Given that points are not fixed beyond 2nd place, a calculation is used to determine how many points are awarded for each position. The calculation gives the difference between any two consecutive positions from 2nd through to last. [3]

WDA Federations edit


Africa edit

Americas edit

Asia Pacific edit

Europe edit

Observer member edit

WDBF Federations edit

African edit

Country Membership
  Algeria Provisional
  Botswana Full
  Burundi Provisional
  Cameroon Full
  Central African Republic Full
  Chad Full
  Djibouti Provisional
  Gabon Full
  Côte d'Ivoire Full
  Kenya Full
  Libya Provisional
  Morocco Full
  Nigeria Full
  Rwanda Full
  Senegal Full
  Sierra Leone Full
  Somalia Provisional
  Sudan Provisional
  Tanzania Full
  Togo Full
  Tunisia Full
  Uganda Full
  Zambia Full

Asia Pacific edit

Country Membership
  American Samoa Full
  Australia Full
  Bangladesh Full
  Brunei Full
  China Full
  Chinese Taipei Full
  Hong Kong Full
  India Full
  Indonesia Full
  Iran Full
  Kyrgyzstan Full
  Malaysia Full
  Nepal Full
  New Zealand Full
  Pakistan Full
  Singapore Full
  Sri Lanka Provisional
  Syria Provisional
  United Arab Emirates Provisional

European edit

Country Membership
  Armenia Provisional
  Austria Full
  Belgium Full
  Croatia Full
  Czech Republic Full
  Denmark Full
  France Full
  Georgia Full
  Germany Provisional
  Hungary Full
  Italy Full
  Malta Full
  Netherlands Full
  Norway Full
  Portugal Provisional
  Romania Full
  Russia Provisional
  Spain Full
  Sweden Full
  Switzerland Full
  Turkey Provisional
  United Kingdom Full

Latin American edit

Country Membership
  Argentina Full
  Bolivia Provisional
  Brazil Provisional
  Chile Full
  Colombia Full
  Costa Rica Full
  Ecuador Full
  Guatemala Full
  Mexico Full
  Nicaragua Full
  Panama Provisional
  Peru Provisional
  Uruguay Full

North America and Caribbean edit

Country Membership
  Aruba Provisional
  Barbados Provisional
  Canada Full
  Dominican Republic Full
  Guyana Provisional
  Haiti Full
  Trinidad and Tobago Provisional
  United States Full

Notes and references edit

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